Nodes on restart seem to have reverted to 1.95.1


Not sure if this is normal / has the version been reverted due to bug ?

I did a manual pull from docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:0c21bd6

But still appears 1.95.1

Thanks in advance

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I don’t have an answer for you: but I’ve seen something similar. Lots of nodes that were 1.96.6 went backwards to 1.95.1 once it became the new minimum version.

They still seem to work fine, so I haven’t been concerned.


cheers for responding.

Yeah, no issues - just worried it might fall behind, but hopefully not.

I’ve seen 1.99 in the github, but assume thats testing currently.

This is okay and expected.

We had a bug causing some windows nodes to crash on version 1.97.2, so we stopped the rollout and issued a downgrade.


Has the upgrade been blocked only on Windows? Version 1.97.2 of the storagenode for Windows can still be downloaded on github

i have upgrade 10 nodes to 1.97.2 on windows and i haven’t nothing problems. I have upgrade manualy.

It has these issues:

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