Stop the deployment of update 1.97.2 immediately

After the update, the node does not start.
Now 12 nodes do not start for me. Lovely!

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Have you tried reinstalling the node software ?

Bro! Why do I need this hemorrhoid?
I returned version 1.96.6 and the nodes started working.

I have more than 100 nodes, I’m not interested in reinstalling software on them.
You just need to run the necessary tests before deploying the update.

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I have one node already on v. 1.97.2. and it is running and re-starting without any issue.
But it is a Linux with Docker.

Edit: 2 nodes now both run and restart fine.

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I also have 2 nodes on 1.97.2 and they don’t have any issues. They are docker nodes on Unraid (EXT4-drives).

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Gentlemen! As you saw the screen, I don’t have Docker. I have nodes for Windows

To pinpoint the issue it is worth noting that there is no issue on Linux Docker nodes regardless of what you have.


My win GUI nodes working fine with 1.97.2


I have the same issue on one node aswell gettimg Error 1067 and i even if i change log to info i do not recieve any logs indicating what the issue is.

Currently we don’t know where the error is. Could be STORJ fault, but could also be your fault.

I could also turn this around and say @AiS1972 you need to do some serious testing before you roll out an update to 100 nodes!

The fact that it works for @Vadim is not worth much, but also not nothing.
It tells us that there is no general problem with STORJ, but may some combination that does not work.

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Windows version ?
My - server 2019 in VM Hyper-V

You forgot to add number of hard drives.

Bro! Thanks for the advice to give me some serious testing.
But this all works from the start of version 3.
I previously launched a node via nssm and updated it with a script, after I manually placed the file on a shared network folder.
But I moved away from this - apparently it’s time to return to this scheme.

Windows 10, 20H2, 22H2

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Definitely is for 100 nodes, bro! :laughing:

48GB free out of 16TB?
That is not even 1%!

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What is confusing you ?
I have a certain number of nodes that have reached the maximum size for ntfs for the 4k sector.

all fine here

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 23H2
Installiert am ‎21.‎07.‎2023
Betriebssystembuild 22631.3155
Leistung Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22684.1000.0
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What’s logs says?