Notification about passphrase

I am getting a notification everytime I access my bucket from the Web UI that i have another 16 objects locked with another passphrase.

Obviously this is some kind of a bug, because i store my passphrase in a text document on my pc and I copy paste it (correctly everytime). I deleted the bucket and the passphrase I uploaded only 4 files and I again I get this message.

Any idea why? sorry for my english.

Hi @valdb
I’m not sure I can recreate the error you mention. When viewing a bucket if there is a number shown for files it is correct for me:

However if it’s just on login when you type a passphrase initially this seems like a generic warning for ‘all’ your buckets, as some of my buckets only have a single passphrase whereas others have multiple:

I have not uploaded other files. Its a new bucket and still I get this message. The only files I have uploaded are visible with my passphrase in My documentaries folder, still I get this notification.

I believe this is a bug that will be fixed soon, there is some talk about it in this thread…


It also possible, that you really have objects, encrypted with a different encryption phrase.
It’s easy to check:

  1. Create an access grant using your current encryption phrase.
  2. Setup an Uplink CLI using this access grant.

List all objects in the bucket:

uplink ls --recursive sj://my-bucket

Then list it in the encrypted form:

uplink ls --recursive --encrypted sj://my-bucket

If the number of objects from the first command doesn’t match the number of encrypted objects in the bucket, then you have used a different encryption phrase to upload some of your objects.