October 10, 2019: All monthly payouts have been completed

V2 and V3

September payouts for V2 and V3 are now complete. If you have feedback or questions contact support@storj.io
  • One payout as been sent per satellite to each payout address, regardless of how many nodes a SNO has associated with a single payout address.
  • Each payout address may potentially receive a maximum of 4 payouts for V3 (plus 1 if they also ran a V2 node on the same address)
  • Held amounts are still kept track of per node of course.
  • This month includes surge payouts for V3. For more details on this, see the post “Surge Payouts Have Been Extended”

This is the perfect announcement that clarifies every little detail from mentioning V2 to explaining all the payouts.

Also I think you forgot to link this to the “Surge payouts have been extended” text.

@Jocelyn I have a ? it has to do with changing my payout address and having my escrow go to the new payout address

The payout will go to the wallet you enter in the run command

You could also email support at support@storj.io to get an official answer in timely manner.

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The hold back amount is calculated per nodeID. We are tracking the first_seen date for each nodeID. You can change your wallet address without effecting that.

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