Off-line Node warning emails from sats

I lost internet connection in one location and after 4.3 hours of innactivity, I started to get emails from sats about it. They came one by one from each sat, from 4.3h to 5h of lost connection. This is very useful for anyone who dosen’t use any monitoring. Good job, Storj!


As stated in another thread, satellite background processes are slow. This could be the reason for delayed email notifications.

I don’t mind the delay; I use monitoring anyway. I just wanted to point out to whoever is interested and didn’t know (like me) about it, that this notification it’s been implemented. I think I missed the previous discussions.
A quick sugestion: it should be useful to set an alias to use instead of node ID, in these notifications. It makes it easyer to indentify the node.

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Nice! Sorry for the spam than…

No apologizes needed. There are not many SNOs that use forum and such posts will only help them learn about new features for SNOs :slight_smile:

As we (regular folks) always recommend, when in doubt … search the forum then make a post :nerd_face: