Offline again after windows update

HI I restarted my computer because Bill Gates said I needed to restart it for an update it or he would do it for med. Anyhow, after that I followed the same steps to start my node and it remains offline. This is what I see
ID 1aCjf2tEh4VQyEsozrn6wNQ6cVNFaBcDCd8rYhacnFuDE5CQt6
Last Contact OFFLINE
Uptime 12m2s

               Available        Used      Egress     Ingress
 Bandwidth        1.5 TB     40.0 GB     24.7 GB     15.2 GB (since Oct 1)
      Disk       72.9 GB      0.9 TB


any ideas? I’m running windows 10 pro, 32GB Ram 1TB on C: and 1TB where the storj node is. Thx

It is a expected behaviour after removing Kademlia. Give it some time.

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Your port is closed.
First of all, try to restart the Docker from the Docker desktop application.
Then, please, read this checklist:

You can use this command to setup your firewall: