Offline/Online question for Storage Node Operators located in Ukraine

Clarification request for Storage Node Operators located in Ukraine.

Foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the support provided by the Storj team for Storage Node Operators located in Ukraine after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this terrible war continues and has even reached a new level of escalation. The Russian Federation began targeted missile strikes on Ukraine’s civilian energy infrastructure on winter’s eve. These strikes led to widespread power outages across the country and even one full-scale, albeit short, blackout. This large-scale destruction of the energy infrastructure forced the authorities to impose restrictions on electricity consumption. As a result, various restrictions on electricity supply power rationing have become the norm. Power outages occur every day and can last from several hours to several days. This situation with the electricity supply creates enormous difficulties for work and life for all Ukrainians, including the Storage Node Operators in Ukraine. Constant outages make it impossible to keep nodes online by more than 50 percent of the time. As a result, many of our nodes have already received the suspended status on some satellites due to frequent offline. Unfortunately, the situation with the energy supply may deteriorate even further during this winter. Therefore, the majority of node holders from Ukraine may lose their nodes for reasons beyond their control. In this regard, I would really like to get an explanation of the Storj team’s position on this problem and clarify whether we should hope for some solution. For example, a temporary exemption from suspension for nodes with Ukrainian IP could help Storage Node Operators located in Ukraine to adapt to these conditions. Also, I would like to clarify the possibility of restoring disqualified nodes. The situation in Ukraine may get much worse before it gets better. Therefore, I ask you to consider the possibility of creating a procedure for restoring disqualified nodes for Storage Node Operators located in Ukraine.


My battle for uptime

I live in Irpen in an apartment building. My nodes miraculously survived the occupation and de-occupation of Russia, but were already dying due to uptime disqualification.
Thanks to the incredible support and understanding of the company, they were resurrected and for half a year they confidently grew to the previous volume.

RuZZia knows how to fight only with power plants and children.
We’ve had a power outage

And I started a long battle for uptime storj + leveling discomfort for my family

First of all, I agreed with the provider and he installed DC-DC UPS on his equipment. Internet is 12 hours without electricity
Then I discovered that there was not enough capacity of my old 7AH battery … I replaced it with a 60AH car Bosch …
And a new problem was discovered - DC-DC does not have time to charge the battery
From above, I installed a 5A car automatic charger and turn it on through a relay with a delay

Then I removed everything unnecessary from the backup server (on which the storj).
When external power is lost, he began to kill unnecessary virtual machines and switch the processor to economy - he achieved a consumption of 150W

Since AC-AC UPS does not know anything about car batteries, it charges them FAST to 13.8V (when it has time), then slowly tops up the rest with microcurrents for about a day.
I added more batteries and MANUALLY recharge in pairs with an auto charger (I hope a 24V charger will arrive soon, which will automatically charge them up to 14.7V on top of the battery assembly TOGETHER with the UPS)

I don’t/have electricity for 4-4 hours, sometimes 8-4, sometimes for days when emergency work is going on.

This allowed us to stabilize the uptime at the level of 80%
In case of a power outage for 24 hours+, I have already brought a generator from Germany and agreed with the provider that I will charge the batteries myself and change them on their equipment in the house. The provider gave me a new battery 17AH.
I also have to make an airtight system for the exhaust and cooling of the generator gases and bring them out of the balcony.
I plan to turn it on twice a day for 2 hours to charge the batteries of the gas heater, refrigerator, batteries for lighting, storage batteries and storage operation.

My parents have two 21TB nodes on a backup server, there is a UPS, batteries … but there is no way to make the Internet work when there is no electricity
The last week they have no light 3-3
Their uptime falls to 45-49%

Я прочитал эту статью

I didn’t understand. Once there is a suspension at less than 60%, what are the disqualification conditions?
If the nodes will appear 40-50% in the network?
If the nodes stay offline for 3-5 days (after another missile attack)?
Can the company help operators from Ukraine by temporarily changing the disqualification criteria in reality, when nodes will periodically appear online?
It is not the earnings that matter (which will not be through regular offline anyway), but not to lose the nodes



If your node gets disqualified please reach out. We have the ability to remove a disqualification and will take into account the current circumstances. Thanks!


I sincerely ask you to clarify the best way to contact a member of the team who can help with the removing of a disqualification. Also, I have several disqualified nodes on non-Ukrainian IPs because I had to connect them via VPN since my ISP provide internet connection with CG-NAT only.

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You can use this link for Node Support

Or tag one of the Community Leads and we can escalate it internally for you.

It’s very impressive what you’ve all created during such difficulties and we are happy to help you.


As soon as my parents NODE are suspended, I will write to support


It’s appalling that the concept of war even exists in the 21st century. I really cannot imagine what cannot be solved diplomatically in the 21st century.

I keep my fingers crossed and believe in the end of this insanity soon, when the most valuable thing we have - human lives - is being wasted on both sides.