Online disqualification

You have in the conditions indicated a disqualification for online 30 days.

Before the Ukrainian-Russian war in Irpin, I had 8 nodes. Three were 4 years old, five were 2 years old. 38Tb.

Irpen was occupied by Russian troops. On the 5th of March there was a power outage in the area.
The Ukrainian army killed the Russian troops and the city was deoccupied.
Neighbors say that the carters did not have time to surround the marauders and there is a huge chance that the server is in place.

In a week I will be at home and I can take the server to another place where there is Internet.

Question for support.

Can I ask you to delay the disqualification manually? What would I have time to take out the server and run it in another location? In the ruined Irpen this (storj) is a great source of income


I would suggest creating a support ticket regarding your situation -


I will try

Is it better to specify the node ID or is it possible only storj wallet?

I would give as much information as possible.


i think the 30 day mark was a one time thing to clean up old nodes that was never coming back.
but most likely best to have StorjLabs keyed in, also i believe that nodes can be restored when they have been DQ without just cause.

i know we / i have repeated spoken at length on disaster protocols to allow for smooth reintegration of nodes.

so i’m not even sure there will be a problem.

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