Offline trouble

Hi My question the node page shows offline. I have been set up the port forwarding, but not sure if it is correct. I’m a new one here so can only attach one media item. after this I can provide any screen shot. Thank you everyone!

But my time zone is not match my country now. And I am not sure that does it matter to this problem

check if youre port can be reached

did you opened port on windows firewall?

Hi I found the ip address shows on my router(the left down one picture) is different with the cmd picture(at second floor) Is it fine? which one should I use in port forwarding rule? Thank you

your port forward shold be to ip that have node. This ip shold be static. and there shold be opened port 28967

Hi you mean which ip address should be in the port forwarding rule?? sorry for that I can’t understand well

yes, I opened port on windows fire wall, even I close the firewall, the status still be offline

Is it mean I should put public ip address in the port forward rule?? My public ip is not static which is a flow one, so I use a dns server as show in the third floor

can you show your local pc ip configuration, with subnetmask and gateway? pc that has node.

I found that! I attach picture again

geteway is your router ip, you showed this on router.
can you show setup on pc?

try my toolbox, there is trobleshoting

just find node, select it and push trobleshoot

wow this tool is so good

how can I figure this problem, I thought I already set it up. I tried to figure in the my No-IP official page, but after set up, it still offline

I put it like this now

duc is from noip not from ddns, usualy ddna update need to setup on router
you have there place where to setup it even on picture of your router

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It looks to me like you might be double nat’d. This would cause traffic to drop between your modem and your router.
This is a private IP address, which is probably assigned by your modem to your router. Would I be correct if I guessed you have cable internet? If you already configured your modem for DMZ mode, then it shouldn’t matter. But if you plugged your modem in and did nothing, then you will either have to put your modem into bridge mode, so it assigns your external IP to the WAN on your router (preferred), or DMZ mode if bridge mode is not available. To use DMZ mode you’ll have to tell your modem to assign your router a static IP address, then tell the modem to use DMZ on the router IP.


Hi sorry guys yesterday I have a limit to reply. Now the trouble shoot is shows green status. I attach all set here, and still confused why it is happen, I set a DMZ mode in my modem, but it require a ip address, so I arrange a private ip to him, and a pppoe mode in my router, the external ip is same with dns now. but it is still offline currently, so I still need help, thank you guys

What type of internet do you have? If you are using PPPoE then this will negate the need for DMZ (and in fact should override it automatically). PPPoE is the best method to use since your internet connection supports it.

If you are using your router to perform DDNS updates, then you should not use the DUC tool (you will have two competing tools updating the DDNS name). Although neither of these issues should prevent your node from going online.

After adding the rule to your router firewall, you made sure to hit apply? Posting the log lines from when the node starts could help troubleshoot your issue. You can remove any personal info. When you paste it into the forum, post it between three backticks ( ``` ) above and below the text block and it will help with formatting. You can find your logs (by default) at C:/Program Files/Storj/Storage Node/storagenode.log

is it posible you opened windows firewall to wrong connection try tu tern it off for some time may be help.
also may be your router need open firewall port also not only nat?

for example i have mikrotik and also need to open port, not only make NAT