Old Storj directories - just curious

This question is not about any concerns or problems, I am simply curious. I am a bit surprised that there are very old partial blobs from 2019 still in temp. I am running 1.5.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.

My storagenode HDD has three directories as follows:

  • Garbage (empty)
  • Trash (lots of nested directories that seem to be empty)
  • Temp (lots of old small files)

Storj trash Storj temp

Seems like Garbage is unused folder.
Trash - contains files that should have been deleted but were not deleted at the time. Files in this folder are deleted after 7 days.

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Trash could contain old empty folders:

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@Alexey and how about the old partial blobs in the temp folder? I get the empty directories… and frankly the old temp files from 2019 are not taking up much space.

I have no idea about these ones.

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