Option to CDN Caching website content like images, css, javascript and more

I have think a lot on Storj and how I can share my ideas to do the product even better, and here I think on CDN hosting for websites, its will be a huge boost for the network to storage even more data a cross of all node-host.

So if the featuer exists, how its working? and if not and the idea is taken from here, its very importen the cache is faster then 1.3 sec load as i see in orther posts :slight_smile:

Really hope this project grow, really love the idea behind.

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I’m not sure what do you mean, but maybe this could help:

If you want a real CDN solution you can use integration with https://www.storj.io/integrations/fastly

Yes its like Fastly, but on the Storj network, remeber when you remove traffic and data from Storj to eg. Fastly then the point is go away.

What i mean here is, if i want my data decentralices and then use a services where its centralized again, then why not use a different services from the beggining?

My idea is how we can move more traffic out to all the node-hosters like my self, I’m new i got 25TB+ space, but over 3 days i got around 4,5GB

so my point is, if we can have a services like cdn.storj.io/{bucket} or somthing ilke that, then we can store our data into Storj, use the network traffic on cross for all node-hosters :slight_smile:

The https://www.storj.io/integrations/fastly uses Storj network as a backend.

You can do it too.

uplink share --url sj://bucket

And you will receive a link which you can use anywhere.