Paying for Storj DCS with L2

Since some of the SNOs are now being paid by STORJ tokens on L2 with zkSync, can we now pay for Storj DCS with zkWallet on L2? Or does coinpayments only support L1?

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Hi @dlzinc,

Other SNOs have requested L2 payments for Storj DCS, but as yet it’s not supported. Coinpayments doesn’t currently support zksync.


That is completely hilarious that Storj can’t even accept their own payment method!

It’s a good idea. We can look into it. A similar question was asked as part of the fireside chat. I will say that adding zksync to payouts was prioritized to give SNO’s a different option to make payouts more frequent. Where as accepting payments for Storj DCS via L2 would be handled by a different team that may have competing priorities. Think of it as a demand type situation. There is currently low demand for this versus other projects that team is currently working on. The more people who want L2 payment support, the more likely we’ll see it move up the priority ladder.

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I get it. But Storj Labs is telling node operators they trust in zkSync, it just needs to get wider adoption. For most that is a chicken and egg kind of problem. Few people have tokens on zkSync, so why adopt it? Nobody has adopted it, so why move tokens to zkSync. Storj is one of the few places that can actually offer it on both ends. If you really trust in the ecosystem, why not put your money where your mouth is?

And I get it, you don’t control the payment options your payment provider supports. So put in feature requests. Look for alternatives. But make sure it’s on the backlog at the least. Someone has got to start to actually get that adoption going, might as well be you guys. And let’s not forget that this would actually save your customers quite a bit of money on transaction costs if they choose to pay with tokens. That’s money they’re not paying you, but rather throwing away instead.


It’s far more than a good idea. It is a necessity. Right now is a very bad look for Storj that you cannot accept the payment method you have been heavily pushing to SNO’s. @BrightSilence is completely correct in his summation of the situation and Storj needs to remedy this.

When will Storj DCS accept Storj payments with zkSync


This would be great. I’ll keep my L1 tokens and spend my L2


We have a few things to do first but it’s absolutely something we want to do! See the question “Why is paying for space on the Storj network with STORJ tokens so hard?” on the SNO Payment mega-FAQ