Payment question

Just setup my storj node and I’m a bit confused with the payout. All settings are default. I was under the impression that during the setup when it asks for my storj address, that when I get paid it would be in storj token and send to my wallet. Is that how it works or am I understanding wrong?

Also, what’s zkSync and is it preferred?

Hi @Pablo83,

All earnings for SNO are tracked in USD and then once a month a payout is triggered. If certain criteria are met then at the payout time the USD amount is converted to StorJ token and the transfer is made to your wallet.

zksync is Layer 2 payment system - you should read up on it using the forum search to decide if it’s suitable for you.


Prefect, thanks for the info. I used my trust wallet for the destination so the payout won’t be on an exchange.

Also if I wait, EIP-1559 should lower the gas fee right? Still learning :slight_smile:

Yes it should but I think it is hard to tell how much lower it will be.
zksync is indeed not the default payout mechanism. Because of high gas fees on Ethereum network, Storj team implemented a payout threshold (as @Stob mentioned it): the payout will be sent only if gas fess represent less than 25% of the total payout to be sent. If not, the amount is put aside for the next month, and so on.

So if you didn’t activate zksync before March, 31rd, you may not have your March payout.


Hi all,

I have also a question about the payment.
During the setup of my node (in May 21), I have used the public address of one of my MEW accounts.
At this time, I didn’t receive any StorJ token…
Could you please tell me if is it normal or if I made a mistake during the setup ?


Today is just the first of the month. Payments are made in the first 2 weeks when your payment exceeds the threshold, which I highly doubt for such a new node. I guess your earnings are in the region of 5 cents including held amount…


Yes it is in this region. :wink:

For now, I just want to be sure if I didn’t make a mistake when I setup my node with my MEW public address.