Payout feedback

When I compare the payout I just received with the values from earnings calculator script, there is quite a difference. I started my first storagenode around 25/04/2019. So is the April the first month or May? The difference would be 75% or 50% payout.

yeah… i have same. got 5 storj. its now like 0.7 cents but in script i must got 12 euros. wtf?

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Did you add up all 4 payments and did you take the escrow into account? Also the surge payout for nodes started after July is 4x, not 5x.

payouts are not done before the 14th so please wait. There will also be an announcement when payouts for October are done.


then for what got payment

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If asked me, I already got 4 payouts from the 4 satellites and a small 5th for the v2 node.

and I got none yet. And typically I didn’t get any before the 10th

Where can I get that script for Linux? I know that´s PowerShell right?

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This might sound misleading but payouts are indeed done in the first 2 weeks and announcement is made when payouts for ALL SNOs are finished.

To come back to my original question, the node with the ID 12PYwN5yzFr9Jsqy1qKdYQd8BvGENKczALx3QtakkwMCU5v55BM appears to be in month 6 and not in month 7 like I thought.

With today’s exchange rate I would have expected ~352 STORJ (for all my nodes), but I only got ~258 STORJ. When I calculate the node’s payout with 6 month then it’s almost spot on (264/258).

The node has an own registration date on each satellite. For example, on one satellite your node is registered only 05/31/19 14:10

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Month 4-6 75% (even if you didn’t managed to get any data in month 4)
Month 7-9 50%
Month 10-12 25%
Month 1 next year and everything after that will be 0% hold back amount for you.

The hole calculation is per nodeID and per satellite! So if you created a second storage node later it will have its own creation date and it will have its own hold back amount.

This is a confusing nomenclature and seems to conflict with the current escrow policy.

It took some thought to process what you meant in your post. After thinking about your post for a while it is accurate. However, the language choice is quite poor.

In your post, “Month 12 = December”

Please clarify…

I don’t think there is any clarification needed. You question contained a specific starting date and you ask which month would be the first one for you. I quoted that to make sure everyone understands the context.

So can you confirm that the node should be in its 7th month for the satellites it had contact with in April?

The node had definitely contact in April with the satellites us-central-1 and stefan-benten, and stefan-benten accounts for 82% of my earnings in October.

If I recalculate my earnings with satellites us-central-1 and stefan-benten in 7th month and the other two in 6th month I’m still almost 80 STORJ short, not counting the money in escrow.

@littleskunk: of course I know all of that and that’s what I based my calculations on. If someone wants to check, the second node ID is 12Ldtzwu1bu3LeXVRe8gXKYugHcuPSJaQk98XEyHbgw8HwRzivc

btw: I’m not “beast” :wink:

P.S. before anyone questions it, I already got 4 payouts for v3, so my payouts should be complete.

Yes exactly.

I can confirm that both satellites have the correct creation date and correct hold back amount.for your first nodeID.

Did you know that your storage node has its own accounting? You can run a query against your storage node and it will tell your how much paid traffic you had last month. The result will be very close to the actual payout.

Can you explain how you get to your result?

August on all 4 satellites. So:
8-10 75%
11-1 50%
2-4 25%
5-end 0%

Sorry my fault.

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I use the python script from here and multiply the values by 5 for the first node and by 4 for the second.

Can you be more ambiguous? :wink: Nowhere on your website, forum or documentation did I find anything about how to do it other than the python script I’m already using.

That sounds correct. Can you share the details. With that I might be able to track down the difference.