Payouts Delayed?


Anyone know if the payouts are going to be or are delayed this month? Usually the process has started by now.


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It has always been first 2 weeks and it hasn’t been 2 weeks yet. Any delays should be brought up after those 2 weeks.


I know they are working to include some corrections for missed payouts last month. But without any additional message you can assume the payouts will still happen within the first 2 weeks.


Here we go…


Edit: My first payment today was about 0.3 STORJ and the transaction fee $0.41. There must be a better way of doing it. What I also don’t understand is, that the gas price is ~$0.15 at the moment. How come that Storj pays so much more?

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same here… get one payment of $0.19 , $0.33 are the fee :open_mouth:

got 0.00377231 Storj ($0.00); 0.00109452 Ether ($0.27) transaction fee

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you will receive 1 transaction per satellite according to the egress/stored data related to them. Some will pay almost nothing, some will pay most of your earnings.

we arent loving the gas prices at the moment, that much is true. but we roll with the punches. :wink:


Has the team looked at different configurations for transferring tokens? To minimize the fee?

I read somewhere which described a method to transfer tokens from an eth address to eth address with minimal to almost no fee for the token transfer. Or pay the transaction fee with storJ rather than eth itself.

This seems a little backwards for paying SNO’s where there is $0.00 value for the transfer but a fee of $0.27c

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It would be very helpful if you could locate that article.

I think it relates to ERC865, in theory it should allow the transfer to be paid in StorJ token rather than requiring ETH for gas.

same here! $0.33 fee to get 0.01353344 of storj.

I think it was a lean month as well (due to lockdown finaly catching up with us) so that didn’t help matters much! I’m down around 50% of my usual payout.

Not complaining, just i need to put off upgrading one of my storage nodes for another month or so. (having 2 x 1Tb hhd’s in a lvm group is just asking for trouble! I’d like to get the data migrated over to a 4Tb drive ASAP.)

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I have received 3 payments so far. Is that what everybody else is seeing as well?

Its different for everyone but at least 6, 1 per satellite. I saw 12 and the fees make me cringe.

Looks like the amount of Ethereum traffic might have almost doubled since the beginning of the year:

I have received 6 out of 18 payments so far. the rest will come.

Nope, at least 1. Halfway through payouts the remaining payouts were combined to avoid the massive transaction fees. It’s possible you didn’t get any payouts before that.

Payouts are done, you received combined payouts for some of them.