Photos+, an app like Google photos, is now offering a free upgrade

Yes this is definitely a good idea. The app does verify all uploads and occasionally when they fail, the system will simply retry the upload. Unfortunately it seems we’re still not catching failures 100% of the time, though we’ve only seen this behavior of getting stuck on a photo vary rarely with our users. Ultimately we are limited by what the iOS api allows us to do. Sometimes it just fails to respond to a photo request and causes the app to wait indefinitely. I’ll forward your suggestion to the developers, putting a hard limit timeout may be a good option.


Has anyone compared this app to PhotoSync (iPhone)?

EDIT: A suggestion to the app developers - allow people to “Sign Up with Apple,” on the iPhone.

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PhotoSync is a lot different than Photos+. PhotosSync is essentially an upload/download utility of your photos from various cloud services, similar to for example FileZilla and other s3 clients. Photos+ by contrast is a complete photo management app with geotagging, automatic image AI, partner sharing, etc. similar to for example to apps such Google Photos and Amazon Photos, but one that uses your own cloud storage (such as storj) for the actual storage of your photos.

We’re looking at Sign Up with Apple as an option for iOS users, but we also need to make sure people can switch to Android devices after signing up instead being limited to iOS only.

Thank you for your comments.


Thanks, everyone for the information. I am new here and learning a lot from this community, glad to be here.


Just realized I got one year free subscription! Thanks a lot!

A few issues I have using the app and some suggestions, hoping Photos+ can be the “Google Photo of Storj”. I am not a developer and can only speak for myself (iOS 15.5 Iphone 13 Pro Max).

  1. it would be easier to be able to view phone’s album and upload from the phone’s photo album instead of importing photos to the app, as now it’s hard to tell whether the photo is actually online in Storj or on the phone or whether the photo’s been synced.

2.I have some stability/speed issue with uploading the photo to storj, as some user mentioned in previous post, we are just dumb users (at least I am), make it as simple as possible.

  1. user should be able to upload photo directly to bucket, or at least thru web interface. As the import function works like charm, or more like magic!

I think with some ui tweak and upload stability fix, this app would be the perfect google photo app replacement.

just my 2cents.

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You can of course upload directly to Photos+ from your phone.

First create an album, then select photos to add to it, and finally do a Sync to have those photos uploaded to Storj.

Unlike Google Photos, what you choose to add to Photos+ is entirely up to you. It works similar to Dropbox for example where you select what to upload, instead of what Google Photos does which is to show you everything on your device library and uploading them all to the cloud whether you want them all uploaded or not.

The library section will show you which photos have yet to be sync’ed with a cloud icon as well as a “red” cloud icon in the upper right corner as well as in the Profile section. So you can easily tell whether the photos you’ve added to the album have all been uploaded or not.

You can also upload from the desktop browser by logging in to

When using the website the + doesnt do anything. Tried using firefox and chrome.

thanks for clarification.
I would suggest renaming sync to “upload” to make it more clear, because I wasn’t sure if sync means downloading the photos to the phone?
The red cloud indication is for every thing in the album, is it possible to make it per photo/video? so it indicates which item is uploaded and which one is not?
The stability issue I had is when I sync the files, when sync is completed I still see red cloud for my album and not all items are completely sync, and I need to re-sync a few times. It works but definitely has room for improvement.
and for some reason my upload speed is significantly slower compare to using photosync.

Hope you don’t find me nitpicking, I just really like the app and hope to give some suggestions to make it more user friendly.

Once you go to an album and click the + icon in the upper right, it will take you to a screen where you can drag photos/videos to the area in the middle of the screen to upload items. Thanks.

Well its technically a Sync and not just an upload, as deleting items will also delete the corresponding items from the storage cloud, and its smart enough to not re-upload photos that have been previously uploaded, even if they are added to a multiple albums.

The red cloud icon takes you to a screen that will show you ONLY the items that have yet to be uploaded, in the order they will be uploaded. By contrast, when you view an album, it will show you all the photos added to that album (including ones that have to yet to be uploaded to the cloud), but the ones that have not yet been uploaded are marked with a cloud icon to indicate they have not been uploaded yet.

As for stability, 99% of the time the sync will upload everything on the first try, but occasionally an upload may fail verification, so just tapping sync a second time will do the trick.

Lastly, with PhotoSync, I think they compress the photos before upload, so perhaps that’s one reason it may be a bit faster? Photos+ uploads the photos directly to the cloud and then verifies that the upload has been successful, so it’s not going through a proxy that may slow things down. The extra verification step adds an extra delay of perhaps 150 to 250 milliseconds, so except for this small verification delay, the upload the speeds should be similar.



Hi everyone,

I was quite excited when I read the storj newsletter since this is the kind of app I have been looking for. Installed it but then I found it really hard to use.
I didn’t have any problems connecting to my storj bucket however when trying to add an album in the app it took forever, like 5-10 min for an album with less than a hundred pictures. Then the app crashed multiple times forcing me to start all over again.
Uploading was also weird, it looks like every time I take a new photo I have to manually add it to the album in the app and then when I want to syncronize it reuploads all of the pictures.
Overall I find the app very buggy…
Did anyone else give it a go ?

Like I mentioned before it does nothing.

You must not have been in an album. Once you are viewing an album, click the + icon. The next screen should look like this where you can drag/drop photos for upload.

When I press + it doesnt show anything. It flashes the browser and thats it.

Yeah I just tested the upload with 23 photos and videos.
It took almost 3x the time to upload via photosplus compare to photosync and both file size is exactly the same when I check inside the buckets.
Also I had to sync 3 times for 23 files, first time there are still 8 files not synced after “sync completed”.
But I know it’s just me, so I will try again after few app updates.
Thanks for the help

Does PhotoSync work Storj? On the app we only see Backblaze, Amazon, and Wasabi as options for s3 storage.

It’s not typical that you are seeing so many items that didn’t correctly upload after one sync. If are making a comparison though, please make sure both apps are configured with the same cloud storage provider in the same region.


Please email our support team and a support representative will assist you with this and/or figure it why it’s not working correctly for your account. Thank you.