Planned maintenance for disk change or move to another host

Hi! Will it be possible to the shutdown of my node for more than 5 hours for planned maintenance (disk replacement, transfer to another host if it necessary)?

You can do that, it may reduce your traffic for a bit, but it won’t disqualify you.

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Ok, but this situation is now. What situation will be in the production release?

That’s up in the air right now There really isn’t a reason to disqualify you in my opinion. If you go off line for a long period, your data will be reconstructed after a time on other nodes. And you will lose your money in escrow to pay for this rebuilding process. But, in terms of putting your node back online after some hours, it should continue to work and you’ll build up reputation again and be good to go.

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Ok, thank you for your help. Have a nice day!

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