Port Forwarding 14002

I seem to have problems with port forwarding on my windows node.
It is only about port 14002, the other port (28967) does not cause any problems and is configured as desired. Port 14002 works on the own server, via localhost:14002.
In the firewall the port 14002 was released just like port 28967 which works.
The website Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router also shows that port 28967 is open and port 14002 is closed.
What is the reason for this, where is my error?
I have released the port 14002 over the protocol TCP.
I would be very happy about help, if more information is needed just contact me.

From where do you want to access the dashboard? That port is for the storagenode dashboard, and should not be exposed to the internet.
In your router you don’t need to forward/open port 14002. So from wan, it should be seen as closed. That port is only intended to be accesed from your local netwok.
If you want to access it from other computers in your LAN, just delete de localhost ip in the config/ run command.


what is the config in your config.yaml? try to listen to

Sorry, I forgot how win node works.
You should set in config this:
console.address: pc_lan_ip:14002

The ip is the fixed ip that you choose for your PC with the storagenode on it, in your LAN, like It’s not from where you try to access the node; it’s the node’s address.

It is enough to use only “:14002” without any IP in the config.yaml
This is in my config.yaml:

server address of the api gateway and frontend app

console.address: :14005

This way, if you change your PC’s IP address for any reason, you don’t need to change the address in the config.yaml file at the same time.

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I would not recommend to publish your dashboard to the internet without any protection, use this method instead: How to remote access the web dashboard - Storj Node Operator Docs or [Tech Preview] Multinode Dashboard Binaries

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If you don’t forward the 14002 port in router, how can it be visible from the internet?

The title of this topic states: “Port forwarding 14002”, so I think the author wants to forward it and have an access via internet.
But here is a problem - ANYONE can access it, not only the author.

OK, sorry… I was thinking I exposed mine too without knowing it. :sweat_smile:
I also checked one from another location with http://wan-ip:14002. Isn’t responding, so I’m ok.

but is that a problem?
i mean you can only see sth about my node and cant change sth?
or iam wrong?

allright i will check that out :slight_smile:

For your privacy… why show others that you run Storj nodes and you make money out of it?

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Your Wallet address is there…

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maybe we should implement some kind of http basic auth?


I mean something built-in. As you can see some SNO don’t familiar with Linux, we can’t expect them to do these kind of config. Something built-in which can work in both Linux and Windows.

I configured a VPN on the same machine/network where the node is running. When I want to check the dashboard from outside of the network I just connect to the VPN first. I believe VPN can easily be set up on linux/windows/NAS

Storagenode should not replace OS tools, like VPN or RAID, etc., it should be effective in the service which is it designed for - store and serve customer’s data.
You may use this guide to have an access to your dashboard from any place: