Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

The plant is powering the node :smiley:

@hafdan would a a few 100 thashes in btc mining be profitable in Russia

@sorry2xs do not come from russia, here in switzerland it is too expensive!

No, it’s not too clear in the picture but the power to the plant is for some Christmas tree lights.

NVMe now!


Off: / directly connected to USB? What is the speed / response time compared to the SD card?

I’d call the speed disappointing :

#time dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=1G count=100
100+0 records in
100+0 records out
107374182400 bytes (107 GB, 100 GiB) copied, 318.691 s, 337 MB/s

real 5m18.845s
user 0m0.001s
sys 4m37.314s

on the Pi4

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Looks roughly what USB3.1gen1 is capable of.


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wow, do you use them like RAID and big nodes?

WOW, that’s a nice setup.

I like the monitor sticker. “Intel Inside Pentium 4 HT!!”

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I use few zfs raidz1 4+1 with 4mb recordsize and compression zle

isn’t faster to use all HDDs separete? thay will work faster. and give aditional space

This cases full of cheaper used 3tb drives, but nodes near 10tib
And zfs send receive much faster with raid than one drive. I move nodes very frequently.

ZFS speed i think faster than 1 drive but not faster than 5 drives separatly, redundency kill some speed.

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Yes, but i mean i frequently move one node over network or external 4 drive Cage. This faster than move node from one single drive to another single drive.
And as i say before node bigger than one drive.
And one node on 4 3tib drives faster than on one on 12tib single drive.

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I can hear that UPS crying till Germany :smiley:
You should invest the STORJ you earn into a rack my friend :slight_smile:


Yeah, this money is reserved in held on stefan benten satellite right now :slight_smile:


Still very early days so only two nodes up and running on my ReadyNAS so far.
Give me a few more months and this could be a lot more interesting :wink:


My 22 Nodes. I am in series quest, and i am dont know how to solve it.
I think how to make something that make low noice, take less space, have good cooling and will be secure.

I got secong chield 2 days ago, and i have now max 6-8 months, til she start to figure out, what is this button DO.


Well congrats!

Maybe a big server rack?