Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

OMG! :open_mouth: what a monster. Loved it!!

My box is custom build from server and common parts. Current build is from march 2018. The case is Cooler Master Centurion 590 - not on the market anymore. Disks are covered by 3x Supermicro CSE-M35TQB - 3.5" drives. Some drive trays are exchanged to support 2.5" drives.

It is standard midi tower size case. It is full short 4U. There is not enough space for 4U rack case unfortunately.

Custom build. Back then I used to read - storage section, where there were crazy people like me. There we no such options around 2011 like today. There were close to no plug and play SOHO and home NAS boxes. I wanted to have 12 bay NAS and the price used to be around 2 times more than custom build - with disks. I remember that whole box was for about 3k EUR and ready made solution same size costed like 6k EUR. You can buy NAS box today like a TV. Build one is easier today as well. I used to run it on Solaris 11 for couple of years. In early 2018 I have moved to SmartOS. I use ZFS all the time. Not a single bit is lost since origin.

My setup, mainly for my company but Storj lives in a corner of the Synology NAS.The Synology NAS is an RS3618XS with four 1TB SSD in one volume and six 8TB IronWolf disks in a second volume. It has one hot spare 1TB ssd and one hot spare 8TB IronWolf. To speed up the IronWolf volume it has an pci card with two 1TB M.2-ssd as r/w cache. 14TB is set aside for Storj. The network connection is an unlimited 1Gb/1Gb. My ISP has promised 10Gb for two years now, waiting, waiting :slight_smile:


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Synology 2419+ here with 8 x 8TB drives and room for 4 more in SHR2. No SSD cache, but the NAS is connecte by 10Gb SFP+ ports to the LAN. Unlimited 1Gb symmetrical fiber internet connection.


Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and USB 3.0 4TB WD HDD


NanoPi Neo4 running Armbian with a 2TB USB 3.0 drive.

If you’re not familiar with the Neo 4, it has a 6 core Rockchip RK3399 CPU with 1G RAM and USB 3.0, and costs $50. When I heard about Storj at the Open Source Summit I knew I wanted to try it on this configuration. This is still a POC for me.

I also have a NanoPi M4 with a SATA hat connected to 2 SSDs - currently I use that as my home NAS. I am considering adding Storj to that system if this one works well.


Uau! And I thought I had decent SNO´s :smiley:

You mean 4 TB HDD :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my setup. Helps to own your on ISP and partner with a Data Center.

Cisco UCS running VMS and Coraid holding the storage
Proxmox > ZFS Raid-Z2

Dual 10G Transit Providers with 100G Bursting on both, blended at both carrier ends.
10G Network to all devices

Working on a RPi project for my house once all the parts come in. I’ll update once I have that running.
Have a four post rack at my house as well.


ha, yes, corrected that.

What case is that? What side hard drive is attached?

It’s the Storjbox. It’s a rpi 3b+, storage board and case.

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You need to start cable management :smiley:

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Try adding power usage to the specs. Get a Kill-A-Watt device to measure its usage. Performance per watt matters.