Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

Supermicro :+1:
My server looks the same.

I submitted with the same and a new email over 72h ago.

Yes, the wait-list is getting backed up a bit I think… Ever since beta 2 it seems. It is good for the network I guess.

please open a support request at our helpdesk listing the email addresses you requested auth tokens with.

2 servers. Both 8GB RAM, Xeon. One is 2TB, The other is only 1TB. One of the servers (The one with the external hard drive on top) is my home server.

Kind of a mess… Still a work in progress!


Directly in their own data center on a cabinet
Two way E5
80 nodes in total


This is a few months back while setting this up. I’ve got two SA120 enclosures, one with SAS and another one with SATA, about 72TB in total.

My storage closet is also running an SSD-FC-SAN with 16x250GB SSDs - 4x8Gigabit to my ESXi nodes, and a HP LTO6 FC tape drive for various backups.

All feed with dual ISPs, one Fiber 1G/1G and a backups of 500/100. SAN is mostly brocade and networking is 100% Juniper including vSRX for Firewalls


HP ml350 G6 old machine doing its job
Fans running Little fast for workload but its old so i just have to live with it.
Also have to add that storj has paid the electricity bill for this machine every month. Cheers STORJ

Also running a vm with OMV on it

Raspberry Pi 2 usb connected 1TB HDD


We Are also Here ! :blush:
In the aluminium storage case: 2x 12tb WD Gold simply SATA attached to my mini-desktop (i7-4790T, 16gb RAM, right side).
Connected in the south french side (France frontier) of Belgium to 2x VDSL2+ ~85/15 & ~90/30 lines
Apologies for dust which escaped to my cloth.
Includes artefacts to protect the nodes & me. :sweat_smile:

Also, please DO NOT TOUCH THAT BUTTON. Merci.

Extra: looks like this inside (commercial pic).


Who said than only software developers can build for Storj, industrial SNO also can build something for Storj :slight_smile:

Here is first prototype of Capacitor-1
I was inspired by BackBlaze storage pods and completely redesigned it for Storj/Tardigrade. Tardigrader-1 is designed for 1,2PB capacity, has efficient power supplies (Platinum level), an absolutely new colling system that keeps drives cool and produce low noise as much as possible (it can be used at HOME!)
It my last build of this year, but on the new year I will have something new for other SNO’s :wink:


Can you edit & add which brands and capacities comprise those 1.2PB :heart_eyes: ?

Sure, it designed for 60x20TB HDD

I love the blue case.

Heres my windows Node and my Free dell Node One of these days ill get a legit server rack.


hope those drives are 12 Gbps sas

My 30TB Node
Using Surviliance Low spin HDDs 150W power only


I just fed my Synology DS3617xs a new 12TB drive. Running some diagnostics first to make sure it’s not a DOA before expanding the array with it. Keep them bytes coming!

Ps. Storj is ALMOST paying for this HDD. Unfortunately Storj value dropped a little. But I’m sure december payouts will cover the rest. Thanks Storjlabs! From now on the data I share is on your dime. :wink:

Edit: Pic was previously posted here


Did you post pics as well?

Cool. If I recall correctly >20TB is not recommended or did I miss anything?

Based on I/O for v3 a NES would do fine

Each hdd is separate node. As recomended, if hdd die, i will only loose 1hdd data.