Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

Raspberry 4 with 14TB. On 1000/1000 mbit


can an Rpi-4 make use of a gigabit connection

Well yes and no but the disk inside will not have enough bandwidth to support it.

Also I noticed on my raspberry that usb and network combined makes it allot slower max you can get through it is 600mbit.

Still enough to support the usb3 disk or any other

600mbit is quite close to the 500 ish mbit high speed usb2.0 get
i cannot imagine the internal bandwidth on the RPI being like 1gbit…
that seems quite low for a semi modern apu/cpu even if it’s a mobil class of cpu/apu

i guess there may be some sort of signal processing that does make it expensive to get into higher bandwidths, much like Base-T but usually that kinda stuff gets much easier the less range one got… and can’t be that long traces and else it should just be a matter of the number of traces to get enough bandwidth.

Its just like a normal PC with mechanical hard drives can a normal PC make use of a gigabit connection I think not. You throw a SSD into a modern pc it can easily take advantage of the gigabit connection if it has a gigabit ethernet card. RPI4 can actually handle quite alot of bandwidth if configured correctly, Ive tested a compute module with pcie 1x support and it can handle 4gig pretty good on my network.


Here is a current picture. Picture 1 is at home, the second at my best friend.

At home are 2 Pis for each StorjNode. 14TB and 8TB. (One Pi with 32bit because of Zabbix, the other with 64bit) My Lightning / Bitcoin full node is running on the third one. (black case)

At the second location there are also two nodes with 14TB and 8TB.
The hard drive on the side is very old, I guess 11-12 years. But still sufficient for unimportant things and for testing.

The rest of my nodes all run on virtual private servers.


the top one, the external usb hdd boxes seem a bit cramped for airflow…
make sure you don’t let them overhead…
ofc not easy to tell temp nor airflow from an image :smiley:
but just wanted to note, that it might be a problem…
not saying that there is one…

Those MyBook cases are full of holes at the bottom and top and back with ample room inside to support passive airflow. Pretty sure these would be perfectly fine even when they are place against each other. Especially since there seems to be a fan behind them too.

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My ReadyNAS 2340 is now fully populated and running 4 nodes with Exos HDDs
It’ll never pay for itself but I love the geeky side of it :slight_smile:


Right, 2 fans are installed in the back. The air comes in at the bottom, blows through the hard drives and blows out again at the top. The temperature of my hard drives is around 43 degrees, the SSDs around 42.

Yes that’s true. But since the tracking system for offline time has been active, I’ve been putting it off. :grin:But that will be done when I have to turn off the servers anyway.

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So this my new rig waiting for my sata pci-e card to be delivered and then I am good to go! Starting with 2x 4TB drives in a mirrored zfs pool. But if you can see I got room to expand :slight_smile:


I really like these cases for stand alone systems, I just wish they weren’t 300+ each time


i like the dust filter… or it looks like a dust filter… wouldn’t have minded something like that on my server

Yeah it is an awesome case!
I was running an old qnap that is more then 8 years old. And was looking for a new nas with 8 drives. Buying a full branded nas is then pretty expensive!

I got a asrock D1800M in there for now that only uses 20 watts and got a full Linux nas with 8 bays for way less the other brands this way :slight_smile:

If you buy it for storj alone it will take years for ROI but as a replacement for your old nas it is perfect!!

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The Home of my 7 Nodes:

In total I am offering 32TB of Space, 11TB used.
All Nodes powered by an Synology DS3018xs with 24GB of RAM.

But the Synology is used for much more than only storj (Virtual Machines, Mailserver, Home Automation, Websites and so on).

The whole Setup (Synology, 3 external HDDs, 3 Routers) is consuming 120 Watts.

3 Routers because of 1 DSL Connection, 1 LTE Router as Backup and 1 Router for failover Loadbalancing.


i really like this case, which brand is it?

That’s the Silverstone cs381

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This is my Node-Setup.
The nodes themselfs run on the middle Server, which has no HDDs except for the hypervisor operating system. The space of the VMs use and their OS is loaded via network over infiniband.
The bottom server is purely used for storage. It has 2 raid 6 arrays, for different usage.
The first one(8x2tb) is used for virtual machine storage and for my nodes,
the other one (16x2tb) is used for my personal data storage.

The upper server is for machine-learning (no cryptomining :wink: )
This currently runs in my living room, its suprisingly silent, but will move to the basement in near future.


I’ve added a node to my current Proxmox system running on a HP ML150G5 since it was already running 24/7. G5’s use a bit more power than I’d like but it’s what I had here already running with space. I’m using a 2TB SAS drive mirrored in a RAID1 with battery backed cache to improve performance and there is space in the system for another bay which means I can add 4 more physical drives without adding significantly to more power.