Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

it looks little bit too much hdds for rpi 5, may be not in the beginning but after they half or more
but time will show.


So far yes.

Please make sure the ventilation has an outlet too. Your rig inside the plastic box might circulate warm air instead of fresh air.

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Did someone said “wifi”? Auch… that’s bad for storagenodes.
And that pcie wireband has no shielding.

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Exactly- time will tell :slight_smile: I’m hoping it will turn out ok, if not I can always limit a few of the disks

Thanks, I am monitoring the drives and the hottest is currently 43C after running a full day.

It’s connected with 1Gig Ethernet, have no clue who said Wi-Fi?

Also, the pcie cable did not come with shielding so I’m not sure if it’s needed.

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It’s the only router huawei. I can configure port forwarding on it and anything else I want. Davicom-1250 UPS. It’s a 12 volt 5 amp redundant power supply with two 12 volt 12 amp batteries inside. It powers all the other devices: router, computer, three discs. Only the UPS is plugged into a 220 outlet. It’s like this.


I started project Petanode-1 today, so dont worry about your full node :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn! Are you filling those things with 20TBs… or are you starting small and growing?

I will start with 20 disks first: 10x20TB and 10x22TB.
If the 22TB run smoothly i will fill the rest up with them as soon as the last disk is catching data.

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This is my Server in Frankfurt in the Dataacenter. I have at the moment 4 drives with 18Tb each, wich i will send there so they can put them.
Planned total Capacity then: 100Tb


How high is your Bandwith speed? Do you have multiple providers to carry that load?
But nice Project you have there. Good luck. Wondering when i will join the 1Pb Club :slight_smile:

Hi, which provider did you use for your computer and how much does it cost? Unfortunately I have real problems with my bandwidth at home, maybe it’s an alternative for me. What connection do you have?

I rented a space in the datacenter at . But unfortunately I don’t think that they do Tower Housing anymore, because I cannot find it on the website anymore.
I pay 74€/month for everything. And I have a gigabit connection with 3 dedicated IPs.

In the last 2 years they got quite expensive because of the energy crisis. Before they were pretty cheap

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Yes there are 5 ISP available, the complete bandwidth overall is ~25G/25G.
However, bandwidth is not the big deal at least for now… but it is always good to have enough :wink:

Are you running a similar setup?

Init7 with 25G was no option?
For 60Fr. you would also get a IPv4 /29 subnet.
Did you get that stuff for free?

On a funny side note, currently 10 nodes like Solu could store all EU customer data :laughing:

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And me being exciting because I am burning in two new-used 14TB disks :slight_smile:


No, I would like to, but I don’t have enough money for that. And Internet and electricity is quite expensive.
A gigabit connection at home would cost 90€/Month and electricity costs are at the moment at like 0,4€ per kWh.
Plus my provider at home doesn’t support ipv4. They only have cgnat here. So I would have to rent vpns too

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Sorry for my curiosity, what is your expected ROI? If I may ask :innocent:
I’m doing my math homework, and can’t make it damn work, unless I get either free HW, or free electricity + connectivity…


Well it is Init7 at least for 3 lines, each of them could be upgraded to 25G but as you know bandwidth is not a problem for the moment.

As long as i know they do offer a /29 subnet with 5 usable ip but not 5 usable ip in different /24 subnets… if so just let me know and i will reacht out to them :wink:

But i love the reliability and service they deliver, awesome ISP! Are you also on Init7?

Regarding the hardware i was a lucky one… i work in it and my company broke down her own datacenter and moved into the cloud, so i was able to buy the hardware for a few bucks.
(Disks not included…)

Let me fill that first and we will see if it is worth it to add 1PB more. :grimacing: