Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

ikke jeg heller :stuck_out_tongue:

Inte jag heller. Är ju rena kinesiskan

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My configuration for 1 node :
2 PC - 2 Cores CPU - 2.5GB RAM - 3TB HITACHI SATA Disk dedicated to Storj - CentOS 7
1 Laptop - Old IBM T43 for access from everywhere with SSH and monitoring - CentOS 6

Filesystem on which the docker container run is replicated over network between the 2 PC by Gluster.
In case of disaster on one PC i should be able to restart manually on the second.


can you share the instructions you followed to setup your raspberry 4 for storj?

You should follow the official docker installation instructions for installing docker, then the official Storj installation instructions for setting up a storagenode.

N2800 from China :grinning:

  • 4G RAM
  • Windows 2016
  • 1TB HDD





希望我大天朝的矿工都一起来玩Storj :yum:


The other responses are exactly what I would have pointed you to. I just used the setup instructions here:

The sd card on My raspberry didnt like this setup so i moved that node to my server.

Mine is a pretty simple setup. I had an unused ODROID-HC2 and scavenged a 4TB drive from my media mergerfs/snapraid array. I am running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on it. This node has only been up for a few days. Hoping that I can add to the storj ecosystem!

And here is a pic of my lil’ guy;


@BJWTech can you please share some details regarding the performance of HC2

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@jensamberg ;

It performs pretty well. It has the little big architecture. Basically the same processor as the Galaxy s5 IIRC. The USB-SATA controller works well. The integrated heatsink/hard drive mount is why I got it, and that works farily well. Originally it was running some backup LXC containers (pi-hole, glusterfs quorum only node, etc… ) for my LAN. It performed these duties well. I ended up using a pair of refurbished Intel Xeon server boards for all my LAN infra needs, so it was going unused.

As far as using it with storj, I seem to see some memory leaking. Keeping an eye on it. Probably the console redirecting to a json log that’s growing. Have yet to take a deeper dive. May need to restrict that log size.

If anything, I wish it had emmc and 4gb of ram.


I’ve got 10 Odroid HC2s setup for storj and haven’t had any issues in months. They just work.


These are my setups:

And 2 more pi4 's one at my grandma, and one at my parents :slight_smile:



Bottom PC is my NAS I built. I use it daily. I originally had a Drobo 5N but had to upgrade to a bigger chassis to hold more HDDs because they were beginning to be way to expensive to buy to upgrade the capacity. So I bought a 15 bay Rosewill RSV-L4500 chassis. I originally use the rosewill chassis for GPU mining at first but I made sure I buy a chassis that I can re-use for another purpose. Right now 13 bays are in use, 12 HDDs are in a mirrored storage pool for my own use. I do have a plan on adding more capacity to the NAS by a 2nd Rosewill Chassis and that’s with using SAS Expanders and Host Controllers, this way there is only a single server but I can add chassis of HDDs to it as needed.

My Desktop Gaming PC is the Top Chassis. I bought a rack because I needed to stack the computers in this corner, not much physical space in the room.


Mind sharing where you bought the chassis? :slight_smile:

@selea I see you have HP gen 10 microserver ? Which os you are running on this server ?