Problem with Identity step

Hi all!

I’m trying to create node and I was faced with a problem at step Identity. The docs have a notice:

Plan to run your Node on a NAS, Raspberry Pi or similar? Create your identity on a more powerful machine and transfer it over.

This is my case. I gonna use Raspberry Pi as a node. A more powerful machine for me is operating by Windows 10 and I completed steps Download the Identity Binary and Create an identity using that machine and four obtained files ( identity and ca with .key and .cert extensions) moved to the ~.local/share/storj/identity directory.

But when I try to run command identity authorizes storage node with my token, I get:

error creating revocation database: revocation database: boltdb: open ~/.local/share/storj/identity/revocations.db: permission denied

Can somebody please explain what my mistake?

Welcome @CherMet_dot1q !

Can you share the permissions of your identity folder and its files?

ls -al

I guess identity is not allowed to write in that directory.

I believe that you should do this step with windows

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Hello @CherMet_dot1q!

To me it also looks like ~/.local/share/storj/identity directory may not have required permission for identity process to write there.

ls -al "~/.local/share/storj/identity"

It will show contents and permissions of your identity dir.


Thanks all for the help!

I used to move identity files from Windows to Linux using WinSCP with root permissions and owner of the files became root.
So, I just replaced these files w/o root permissions and it’s working

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Great to hear!

Think about setting up a monitoring on your node: