RE: Comunidad Hispana STORJ

Hi, Since two month i change node to pay on zksyn. today i have sent storj since zksync to exchainge kucoin, I lost the coins.

I am inexpext use of cripto coins, The new protocol to pay storj is bad. If i have send storj since zksyn to ethereum to trade, Why zksync

Three month farming losts

Hello @RobertVilaplana ,
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I’m sorry for your lost, however, it’s your decision how you would spent your money.
Perhaps they are not lost, if you just sent via zkSync to the exchange’s deposit, which doesn’t accept zkSync transfers, you can use an alternative withdrawal, see Tutorials | zkSync: secure, scalable crypto payments

We offer to use the zkSync to reduce fees and you can receive your payout with 10% bonus independently of minimum payout threshold on Ethereum. You can read more there:

If you do not like this offering - you can remove this wallet feature from the node’s config and wait for L1 payout, when your undistributed payout will be in 4 times grater than fee to transfer them.
In the future it’s expected to be changed to 10% instead of 25%, so your payout should be in 9 times greater than fee.


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