Received a small out of cycle payout

A few hours ago I received a small out of cycle payout from Storj. It looks like they’ve been sending out quite a few. Is there any explanation what this payout is for?

Thanks either way!

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Looks like 352 payments in that cycle. This time scheduled/ordered by the payout amount instead of by the recipient address (like the usual monthly payouts).


It looks like my missing 10% from the last payout. So they corrected that mistake by paying the remaining amount. However, an expensive correction since the fee for transmitting ~$2 is actually $0.78.


I also received a small amount a few hours ago…

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also got a payout… tho doesn’t seem like 10% atleast if we are counting from the correct payout time… might be 10% of the payout in $ if converted today…

not that i really care… :smiley: and yeah i got a full 8.8 storj… lol so yeah i could have waited until next payout… just because i don’t like paying fees… even if it isn’t technically me paying it lol especially when it could be avoided.

Same here Just got the (roughtly) 10% missing from last month.

Seems like a correction for conversion rate that they missed to update during payouts. I got around 7% of previous payout and I did not have any deleted or missed orders.

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Yes that’s good to hear, hopefully all SNO’s will receive what they are owed, will look out for mine.

I noticed I also received now I feel like I really got more then I expected to get.