Reinstalled OS -> how to restore a node installation&data

Hi guys,

my primary disc (with OS and Storj installation) crashed, but the secondary disc with node data is still healthy). Is there any way how to install the node and continue with the data from previous installation?

thanks a lot,

ps: my original storj identity is backed up and still available

if the identity is backed up, you can re-run the storj node. First copy the identity in the correct folder (Es. c:\Users**\yourusername**\appdata\roaming\storj\identity) Second install the software with wizard and you write the correct data for folders of identity and data, and then write the correct email used for this node for registration and the your wallet address. After the node restart correctly you can stop the service and modify the others parameter in the config.yaml. you have lose only the orders in the folder of storj, but it is not very important for health of the node but only for your montly earn that lightly reduce at the end of month.

I would recommend to move your identity to the disk with data. The identity is useless without its data and data is useless without its identity. Do not forget to update the path to the identity in your configuration.
If it’s a Windows GUI node, you can move identity to the disk with data and specify this path during setup wizard.
If it’s a docker node, then you will just use a new path to the identity in your docker run command.