Concepts and steps about re-installing Ubuntu

I’m having problems opening my browser and checking STORJ Dashboard.
I’d like to check if my node is still running, although I know Docker is.
Also I’m thinking of re-installing the OS entirely. I have some questions.

  1. I’ve never claimed the rewards (Zsynck). If I re-install it would I lose all the rewards?
  2. How can I make this transfer? I’ve seen this threads:
    Reinstalled OS → how to restore a node installation&data - Node Operators / troubleshooting - Storj Community Forum (official)
    Help with restarting a node after re-installing Ubuntu - Node Operators / troubleshooting - Storj Community Forum (official)

Should I take those steps?
My Nvme it’s internal but OS is in another nvme. So I guess it’s better and easy for me.

Thank you for any help pointing me to documentation.

This is quite incomprehensible.
So, it starts off with problems opening three browser (just click ‘browser’ icon with your mouse :wink: ) and ends with reinstalling your OS… But it was just your browser not working?

What OS are we talking about?
How did you install your STORJ?
Is the data on the same drive partition as your OS, or is it on an additional drive?
What are the specs of the device?
What is the memory use?

No, but you should keep your credentials to access them.

Probably not… Depending on your experience and whether we’re able to determine the real root of the problem.
If your diagnosis isn’t right, than the solution will most probably fail anyway…

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  1. Linux Ubuntu.
  2. Docker
  3. As I was pointing: “My Nvme it’s internal but OS is in another nvme”
    Regarding my questions, I think specs of devices and memory use are no need.
    I’m just asking about re-install.

GOAL: Understand if I can just trasnfer the rewards via Linux prompt.
Can you please explain how is the process of re-installing the main OS without losing my rewards? As far as I’ve read, I have to:

  1. Copy the indentity to the second nvme drive which has the data, via command line.
  2. Re-install the OS and Storjnode
  3. Run and link with the second drive again.

Is that it?

Thank you

PS: I’ve got the rewards in my zksync, but I think I’ll lose my identity as the username folder has been deleted. :frowning:

your past rewards are bound to the wallet adress you used, and live on the blockchain, not on your pc.
you have a (hopefully only known by you)
passphrase *for the payout adress. its usualy 12 or 24 english words. (not the single word-password that is maybe created to unlock the wallet on the pc)
Do you have them?
your funds are at
connect your wallet there.

I assume its zksync lite, wich is phasing out. move your assets there to ethereum Mainnet or zksync era.
also adapt the wallet features of the node config. not the payout adress itself.

(or do if you have lost your wallet keys and have no access anymore, generating a new empty crypto-wallet) you can still earn from the node, only earned storj is lost.

your Identity is “bound” to the storj data, so you can drag and drop them to the folder with the node data.(keep a backup of the identity elsewhere)

when the os is reinstalled you need your Passphrase* when reinstalling the crypto wallet if it was installed into the pc (this is to access your funds), and the identity and the node data, to give them to the storj programm (however you install it) to continue earning with the accumulated data.

That should do it to continue earning.


The reinstall likely will not help, so I would suggest to check for errors in your logs instead: How do I check my logs? - Storj Docs

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Do you search this here? Storage Node Getting Started - Storj Docs

Finally I’ve installed again the system before being sure I had my wallet covered.
I couldn’t fix it with logs.