Release 1.8.1 · TonyTosol/StorJ-Audit

In this soft you can check your node stats, it takes info from node API so no difference what node you have, main thing that api is accessibly in local network.
Just add your node to list of nodes you have.

Added some features here, Now it is possible to find node by ID
Search by ID will help if you have lot of nodes, and you get mail that node id is offline, no need to search all of them, which it was.
And it show used space by satellite.


Can you share an example output please?
Do not have a feeling whether it’s worth to try. :innocent:

if you exit a satellite (test satellite for example) it didn’t work

I exited from part of satelites, it just show 0 space

Thank you, this is really cool. Just what I was looking for. I have been playing with it for a bit, but I just found out it doesn’t remember the nodes that I enter after a reboot. Is there a way to ‘store’ my nodes?

Why do you all just install random binaries on your machine? Have you thought about the possible consequences for your storage node, anything else that is running on your system and last but not least any machine connected to your LAN? Am I the only paranoid person in the room?


Yes, you are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

+ (minimum 20 characters) lol

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To be fair, it’s from @Vadim. So not really some “random” software.


Interesting, my pc storing it ok. and several other places, started it as admin?

Hello, new relise of Release 1.8 · TonyTosol/StorJ-Audit (
Features added Audits are back(last 30 days) Thanks to MaxMaximus on github.
Also added counter How much online, offline, unknown nodes in list for faster overview.

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Подскажите, пожалуйста, не работает StorJ Audit v1.8, все данные получает, но все узлы offline. Доступ к узлам по локальной сети есть. - ok
Такая же ошибка на всех узлах.
Что я не сделал?

проверил api - ok - ok - ошибка: 404. Something Went Wrong. The page you’re trying to access is either broken, or doesn’t exist


Tell me, please, StorJ Audit v1.8 does not work, it receives all data, but all nodes are offline. There is access to the nodes on the local network. - ok
Same error on all nodes.
What didn’t I do?

checked api - ok - ok - error: 404. Something Went Wrong. The page you’re trying to access is either broken, or doesn’t exist

Снимок экрана 2023-05-04 194757

On proverjaet v api Lastcontact, esli on bolshe 2 minut to pishet 4to offline, berjot vremja s kompjutera na kotorom vy sami za osnovu, mozhet u vas raznitsa vo vremjani na kakom-to komjutere proverte.

Проверил время и часовой пояс, идентичны.

Все узлы на win10.

Запустил StorJ Audit 1.8 локально, на узле.
При любом добавлении узла, все offline -,, localhost:14005

Это скрин версии 1.7.1, судя по всему здесь все в порядке.


I checked the time and time zone, they are identical.

All nodes on win10.

Launched StorJ Audit 1.8 locally, on the node.
With any addition of a host, everything is offline -,, localhost:14005

This is a screenshot of version 1.7.1, apparently everything is in order here.

polagaju 4to on vidimo kak-to ne tak vremja konvertitujet. iz json, v 1.7.1 etoi funktsii esjo netu, ona 1.8 tolko pojavilas.

Just because of you added some time margins to interface, can you post pictures of resalt?
Release 1.8.1 · TonyTosol/StorJ-Audit (

Вот результат, добавил еще один узел, который тоже рабочий.
Имеет ли значение дата 05.04.2023? Моя реальная дата 04.05.2023.


Here is the result, added another node, which is also working.
Does the date 04/05/2023 matter? My real date is 05/04/2023.

looks like for some reason it has just different time format, PC give date/Month/year
but node gives month/date/year

esli eto pc tolko pod node, poprobui pomenjat time format na PC

есть, на ПК где запускается StorJ Audit, изменил формат даты с европейской на американскую, заработало!
конечно не удобно, но это не проблема, все работает.


yes, on the PC where StorJ Audit is launched, I changed the date format from European to American, it worked!
Of course it’s not convenient, but it’s not a problem, everything works.
Thank you!