Release preparation v1.101

New release candidate v1.101 is deployed on QA Satellite



  • 42d7317 private/mud: service lifecycle utilities
  • c8d6de6 private/server: collect drpc stats and export them
  • fddfdd6 Jenkinsfile.verify: remove gateway and storj-sim compilation
  • 7802e1b metainfo: use API key version when validating actions
  • 67f347d go.mod: bump and


  • de4a855 web/satellite: enable versioning on bucket creation
  • cfcf4ea satellite/satellitedb: make GetProjectTotalByPartner always return partnered usage
  • 64b66ef web/satellite: trigger upgrade flow on add CC or tokens
  • 25990c5 web/satellite: add generic partner signup page
  • ce6ddad web/satellite: add search and sorting to Applications page
  • 1684065 web/satellite: add info tooltip to segment card
  • b3dd07b web/satellite: theme and style updates (#6860)
  • 1f38186 web/satellite: fixed NaN issue for edit project limit dialog
  • adbf310 satellite/metabase: fix naive database behavior
  • 9f32133 web/satellite: Fix project limit UI bug
  • d6adf9b satellite/satellitedb/migrate: fix migration of storjscan primary key
  • 9b05b01 satellite/metainfo: implement CompressedBatch
  • f0f7005 satellite/metainfo: monitor batch request/response sizes by type
  • 5fbd466 web/satellite: add plausible script to Satellite UI
  • ac1d5df web/satellite: trigger plausible page visits
  • 8a323ce web/satellite: fixed low token balance banner blink
  • 1f17e8f web/satellite: toggle bucket versioning from bucket table
  • 8b93840 satellite/console: send bucket names and versioning to sat UI
  • 2c0cd0e satellite/satellitedb/dbx: remove v261 migration step
  • 7e8e166 satellite/console: add trial expiration emails
  • 048e16e satellite/metrics: Split metrics by placement
  • 0d9fa41 satellite/console: add usersDB method GetExpiresBeforeWithStatus
  • 93b545c satellite/console: Add Cache-Control headers
  • 43d1311 web/satellite: truncate long bucket names
  • 48826c1 satellite/console: Add trial end notification config to frontendconfig
  • 1a4c922 satellite/satellitedb/migrate: rename storjscan source to ethereum
  • d3bf12f satellite/console: add free trial notices to emailreminders chore
  • 048966f satellite/analytics: add trial upgrade analytics
  • 971d1e0 satellite/durability: remove fmt.Sprintf from loop observer
  • 13e69e4 satellite/analytics: add event Arrived From Source
  • a50f327 satellite/metainfo: Log internal error and warning
  • 432e334 satellite/payments/storjscan/client_test: fix flaky test
  • 6ec8420 satellite/repair/checker: Split segment metrics by placement
  • 4eabe4a satellite/satellitedb: add billing ID info to customers db
  • f4602e6 satellite/payments/stripe/service_test.go: Add unit tests
  • bf817ec satellite/admin/ui: Add deprecation hints
  • 11124b4 satellite/console: feature flag for new setup app flow
  • fd0b23a satellite/repair/checker: change override flag format
  • 90437a6 satellite/db: add created_by column to api_keys and bucket_metainfos tables
  • db9bf03 satellite/{console, db, metainfo}: populate created_by column on API key and bucket creation
  • bbccdb5 satellite/console: add activation failure account lock email
  • 09137e9 web/satellite: add object browser page actions
  • cb733d6 satellite/nodeselection: more metrics for balanced selector
  • 03a9d0f web/satellite: free trial UI updates
  • 5199e15 web/satellite: fix create bucket in wrong project
  • 8ba000e web/satellite: edit copy on trial emails
  • 247a48c web/satellite: allow setting passphrase prompt preference
  • cca4f20 web/satellite: fix bucket name truncation
  • 58e3191 satellite/satellitedb: add version column to api_keys table
  • 497fd79 satellite/console: lock account after activation failures
  • 313b7e3 satellite/console: user ID rate limit MFA reset, regen endpoint
  • d07a221 satellite/repair/repairer: allow overriding optimal shares while repair
  • 8f7aac9 web/satellite: added new app setup flow components
  • 2ebd0b4 web/satellite: finalize logic for new setup app flow
  • 070a4d1 web/satellite: allow trial expired project members to make actions
  • 6a52e95 satellite/metainfo: properly tag batch response size metric
  • a69f7ff web/satellite: update STORJ deposit messaging
  • 5f99de5 web/satellite: ui updates


  • 4bc324f Revert “web/storagenode: add banner with info on storagenode payout changes”
  • 833bce5 storagenode/blobstore/filestore: simplify windows code
  • d62e81b storagenode/retain: store bloomfilter on disk
  • e2fff6a storagenode/storagenodedb: update db snapshots for tests


  • 34970a4 testsuite: more robust find-previous-release script
  • e05d427 docs/testplan: add account changes testplan (#6817)
  • 9a87a1c Jenkinsfile,testsuite: Improve sat UI tests
  • ed74f4b testsuite/find-previous-release: optimization and fixes for mac
  • 72b1c2a testsuite/playwright: update playwright dependencies


  • 9dd6c51 cmd/uplink: add mon.Task and allow writing stats to a file

sounds like potential boost in node performance on startup, reduced filewalker cost. Happy to see. Disk space is cheap. Can not imagine it being very significant in size.


Do blooms need to be stored on an ssd or does leaving it as default work OK?

I do not think that it is matter.

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Wow did we all move to 1.101.3 already? That was fast!

Why not? Everything is orchestrated by