Release preparation v1.64

New release candidate v1.64 is deployed on QA Satellite and ready for tests
Please join the testing, we really appreciate it.



  • 335e11d satellitedb: add token balance to API endpoint
  • 0ab0cef web/satellite: Upgrade to Vue 2.7
  • 8e3aa4d web/satellite: Creating a new folder on the bucket page is moved from an input field in the table list to a modal.
  • 1613d37 satellite/console: add endpoints for listing and revoking api keys
  • 68f6d93 satellite/gc/bloomfilter: add service to collect bloom filters
  • 61e18e8 web/satellite: Update anchor links
  • ddc850d web/satellite: added server-side encryption banner to buckets page
  • 1343528 satellite/console/…/consoleapi/gen: ensure go generate works
  • b60c3ea web/satellite: make hiding bucket guide user friendly
  • 54eaf79 satellite/analytics: Re-added user click events in Access Management flow (#5151)
  • c619ff4 web/satellite: users page made responsive
  • 3342fbb web/satellite: make project dashboard/overview responsive
  • ad7c5b1 satellite/payments/monetary: remove pkg and all its references
  • 2a1bcfe {satellite/metabase, satellite/metainfo, satellite/inspector} : Use metabase.GetObjectLastCommitted instead metabase.GetObjectExactVersion
  • 98fb4c4 satellite/metainfo: added test for object TTL validation while upload
  • 92d81db satellite/console,web/satellite: limit new password length to 128
  • e4412fa web/satellite: bucket creation flow made responsive
  • c5bca89 web/satellite: fix linter
  • fc9bd51 web/satellite: user settings page made responsive
  • eea3fac satellite/metabase: BeginObjectNextVersion returns object
  • 158eb23 satellite/gc/bloomfilter: uploading bloom filters
  • 464ab43 satellite/metainfo: fix deletion tests
  • 546aa31 satellite/metabase: add ListVerifySegments
  • ad83fd8 web/satellite: fix add card container’s close icon
  • 6d017a1 satellite/oidc: include nodeURL in oidc configuration
  • 601cadb satellite/metabase: copy when source and destination are the same
  • 04411e6 satellite/accounting: use single call to get project limits
  • a60c83c satellite/payments/storjscan: use currency.Ammount for token and usd values


  • 64e5fb7 storagenode/collector: fix error check when file does not exist


  • d905931 private/testplanet: integrate GC bloom filter service


  • 1646a0a cmd/uplink: experimental environment variable to change piece hash algorithm
  • 2644419 uplink: fix distributed tracing reporter


  • 794a4cc private/apigen: make code compile with 1.16
  • 381c1e1 cmd/tools: move tooling to a separate folder
  • 731916f cmd/inspector: move command back from cmd/tools/
  • 3467fd4 cmd/tools/segment-verify: implement batch creation
  • 8459a3f cmd/tools/segment-verify: add processing of a collection of segments
  • 3b7d8e8 cmd/tools/convert-node-id: tool for node id conversions

With this release we are going to enable a new session timeout. The session timeout is 10 minutes. It is an inactivity timeout. At 5 minutes or below any activity will renew the session and reset the timer to 10 minutes. Below 1 minute we display a warning message with a renew and a logout button.

The plan is to enable the new session timeout only on EU1 and AP1 for now. The following release we plan to enable it on US1. Please let us know if you have issues with the session timeout.


Is session timeout anything to do with SNO?

I’m guessing that’s for the satellite login. So no.

Storagenode and multinode dashboard don’t have sessions. Please be careful exposing them to the internet.

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Uploads which take a long time don’t complete before the session timeout.

You can see the upload still running when the session expiry pop-up showed…

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so session shold take in account, file upload as activity.