Release preparation v1.95

With some delay for Christmas holiday we have new release candidate deployed on QA Satellite




  • 463cf89 web/satellite: update preview types and icons (#6577)
  • e5c8b30 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: ui updates and improvements (#6576)
  • 7911189 satellite/durability: remove unclassified measurements + reduce memory
  • 969387a satellite/console: make CSP values more configurable
  • d05011b web/satellite/vuetify-poc: remove confirmation step on coupon update
  • d50d20c web/satellite: updated ‘Upgrade with tokens’ warning message
  • 185c46c dbx/satellitedb: update default_versioning field for projects
  • ff036cf web/satellite/vuetify-poc: remember theme on auth pages
  • af1c2cb web/satellite/vuetify-poc: remember billing tab
  • 35d8455 satellite/payments: treat deleted users as inactive
  • 87ab8dc web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix routing bugs
  • 18ffb5d satellite/{admin,console,metainfo}: add default versioning methods
  • 56883c6 satellite/nodeselection: move placement from the overlay package to nodeselection
  • ee3ae26 satellite/orders: Update some tests to use assert instead of require
  • 989c786 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add tooltips for show/hide password eye icon
  • a9bba7d satellite/repair: remove unused clumping.go
  • 42b0956 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: bump vuetify version
  • d8aabf6 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add pricing plan to onboarding
  • bfaaaf4 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: improve upload snackbar
  • c87eee4 satellite/console: Enable unregistered invites
  • 279d5e9 satellite/overlay: remove unused fields from FindStorageNodesRequest
  • 12b2071 satellite/{nodeselection,satellitedb}: add and propagate vetted field to the SelectedNode
  • d942f58 satellite/console: Increase inactivity timer duration
  • 8b19a80 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: added chart date range selection on project dashboard
  • 7f6bb99 satellite/repair/repairer: remove duplicated test case from TestSegmentRepairPlacement
  • 955c933 satellite/console,web/satellite: remove browser card view config
  • 92b485a satellite/console: Fix audit logging
  • 20a321b satellite/repair: move IntSet to metabase package
  • f0c0787 satellite/metainfo: use VersionCursor for listing
  • 98becdc satellite/nodeselection: introduce NodeAttribute to get SelectedNode attribute dynamically
  • 7d1e411 satellite/repair: use intset.Set with repair classification
  • 3b3d81f web/satellite: improve web worker error handling
  • 5de0f26 scripts, web/satellite: add hash to wasm helper file name
  • 870e9c6 satellite/metainfo: remove TestEnableBucketVersioning flag
  • cf98c13 satellite:{console, payments, db}: delay account bot freeze action
  • bb4c19f web/satellite: close upload pop-up
  • 6925f87 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add STORJ token from billing
  • 8b53066 satellite/metabase: include part of stream id into encoded version
  • 8c312b0 web/satellite: fix errant chart unit
  • 3bcb4fc satellite/nodeselection: introduce Placement
  • c4d6ccb satellite/console: Remove graphql
  • ef7bdf0 {satellite,storagenode}: remove old piece-transfer-based graceful exit code
  • 5e298ae satellite/console: Reduce default inactivity timer duration
  • d1b1240 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: validate auth form inputs
  • 34c463a satellite/{admin, console}: extend admin functionality to disable account bot restriction
  • 8b7dceb satellite/console: add logging for attempt pay overdue invoices
  • f5880a9 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: verify analytics events
  • e22163c web/satellite/vuetify-poc: ui ux updates (#6612)
  • 32926ae satellite/{console,db}: zero burst limit on freeze
  • 00608ec satellite/console: reenable wasm tests in jenkins
  • 41baf89 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix minor issues
  • 5cd440f web/satellite/vuetify-poc: add bundle compression
  • 5acbdb0 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: connect forgot password page with the backend
  • f15ba69 satellite/metainfo: fix mismatched log label
  • 177f7fe web/satellite/vuetify-poc: rework mdi usage
  • 230d806 satellite/metabase: add test for concurrency
  • 8132c90 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix image preview on card views
  • 4281fce web/satellite: fix upload dialog bug
  • f8f51db satellite/satellitedb: fix (revert) IterateBucketLocations implementation
  • 69431bf satellite/durability: remove unused fields from observer fork
  • 4e06e75 satellite/durability: avoid additional slice for nodes classification
  • cb6fb07 satellite/rangedloop: disable durability observer loop for countries
  • cd5f777 web/satellite: resolve stylelint deprecation warnings
  • 1912960 web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix limit warning banners
  • f0c8a2e web/satellite/vuetify-poc: fix password mismatch
  • 5c579d6 satellite/admin: Document REST API Key endpoints
  • 54ef3f1 satellite/admin: Improve name & description unwarn
  • 9586849 satellite/admin: Fix user account delete


  • acf648c cmd/storagenode: development Docker images for testing


  • 5d1aa05 tests/satelllite: Execute rolling upgrade tests against CRDB (#6590)
  • ffb0eb3 docs/testplan: add testcase (#6599)
  • e5a3413 testsuite/playwright-ui: update playwright tests
  • 1228b4e testsuite/playwright-ui: added linter
  • 445cd8d testsuite/playwright-ui: make existing tests to pass
  • 3cb2d16 testsuite/ui: remove implementation
  • f213b38 scripts,testsuite: move tests from scripts to testsuite folder


  • ad2d897 cmd/uplink: fail server-side copy if --expires is set


I would like to recommend adding link to Storj’s privacy policy in the form where it mentions “privacy policy”.


Okay, I updated this.


Thank you. Continuing on the same topic of policies, I believe giving a notification by email and/or a forum post on agreement/policy updates would be great. Below I want to show what Paypal does anytime a change in policy/agreement affects its users.


Clicking the “policy update page” will only show what was changed in the page rather than showing the entire policy page.

Thank you again for taking time to read even the smallest of suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @nerdatwork!

Thanks for this -

The CLA is a bit unusual if you were to compare it with a terms of service or something. It covers the code contribution made under it, and so all existing contributions are still covered by the old CLA (Storj Labs - Contributor License Agreement v1), which is fine.

If you take a look at that old CLA vs the new one, you’ll notice it’s basically a complete rewrite. We started off with a new template under advice from the lawyers, so there isn’t much of a clean delta (something added or removed) to show.

I do intend to email all past signers of the CLA and ask them to consider signing the new CLA, but it’s not urgent. The only people who need to sign the new one are non-employee contributors going forward, so this only affects people with open pull requests. I’ll try to write up a “why the CLA is changing” for that communication, which I’m sure you’ll receive. Would that help?


Yes that would definitely help.

Also could this be applied to general policies/agreements on Storj that might affect customers and/or SNOs. By this, I mean, anytime a privacy policy or SNO ToS or ToS are updated then an email and a forum post should be used to communicate this change to Storj’s users. Both email and forum mediums should be used since many SNOs use fake email address in their configs.

IIRC Storj’s privacy policy was last dated in 2020 while current policy is updated in Nov, 2023. When this was updated a notification just like what Paypal does could have been posted to communicate the change.