Release preparation v1.98

New release candidate is deployed on QA Satellite



  • 815151d all: use exp/slices to be compatible with 1.20
  • eca7077 go.mod: bump dependencies (uplink,common)
  • 46b7b91 Jenkinsfile.verify: remove leftovers from postgres
  • 3e9a66d Jenkinsfile.verify: Reduce number of crdb instances
  • 4f6d060 go.mod: bump dependencies (uplink, common)
  • 07cbb8d release v1.98.0-rc


  • e1e17fa satellite/admin: fix set to defaults for project limtis
  • ed08c4f satellite/admin/ui: Allow memory units project limits
  • d833a11 satellite/console: fix flaky GetUsersProjects service test
  • 45b56e7 Earthfile, satellite/{Dockerfile, console, analytics, web}: made v2 (vuetify) app to be default
  • a2061ca satellitedb/metabase: do not log password when connected
  • 3801c56 web/satellite/v2: remove err message for missing partner in signup cfg
  • 9ac4d92 satellite/apigen_test.go: Improve generated API test
  • ef3614a web/satellite: fixed object browser card view loading issue
  • fe9abff web/satellite/v2: use onboarding step field
  • add7676 web/satellite/v2: fix otp paste issue
  • ae52fb7 web/satellite: remove v1-only app files
  • a3f8e7a web/satellite: merge vuetify-poc with root folder
  • 95670e4 web/satellite: remove unused dependencies
  • 8cded02 web/satellite: add onboarding stepper
  • 4dee76f satellite/metabase: optimize ListObjects
  • 560c9cf web/satellite: add onboarding stepper functionality
  • 68dafd5 satellite/console: return placement info with bucket usages
  • 26ffb74 web/satellite: add location to buckets table
  • 3075606 satellite/repair: assign lower health to segments with pieces out of placement
  • 5287133 satellite/accounting: drop ProjectLimitCache
  • dfa7c3c satellite/emission: added dimension calculation logic
  • 003ce95 satellite/emission: added config
  • d380c21 satellite/console: add endpoint to get bucket placements
  • 1ee23fb web/satellite: add region tag to browser
  • 66d6b2e satellite/nodeselection: new node selection for balancing between small groups
  • f5871fb satellite/emission: added impact calculation logic
  • 9f8ce33 satellite/accounting/nodetally: fix overflow in test
  • 8d56648 satellite/console: added endpoint to GET project emission impact
  • 3402732 satellite/accounting/tally: use AOST with GetNonEmptyTallyBucketsInRange
  • 6a43fb6 satellite/{console,web}: improve project member email validation
  • b1f2917 web/satellite: fix minor styling with onboarding stepper
  • aac2a59 satellite/payments: display stripe err message as UI card error
  • 6e01d11 web/satellite: improve loading state for cards and dialogs
  • b7f92fd satellite/console: feature flag for emission impact view
  • d1a82b0 web/satellite: added CO2 emission info to project dashboard
  • 6a847c9 satellite/payments/stripe: replace customer update with Balance Transaction
  • ed363dc satellite/gc/sender: cleanup bloom filter sending logs
  • c29ac7c satellite/metabase: add helper to batch insert objects
  • 2bcd1de web/satellite: fix team member delete UX
  • 0cd8db2 web/satellite: navigate to dashboard after first login
  • 8532444 web/satellite: ui-ux updates
  • 2d72456 satellite/metabase: optimize iterator boundaries tests
  • d2dad0a storagenode/forgetsatellite: remove satellite from trust cache before cleaning data
  • 6b0c89e web/satellite: remove old passphrase and bucket prompts
  • a24fb70 satellite/metabase: replace ListObjects implementation
  • 386d614 web/satellite: upgrade vue deps
  • 8275cf6 web/satellite: fix vue warnings
  • 6a52701 satellite/metainfo: measure the egress cost of inline segments
  • 61e83d8 web/satellite: add card improvements
  • 7578625 web/satellite: update AP1 satellite hint region to Oceania


  • d96c411 storagenode: display actual disk space when allocated is higher than actual
  • b4b96b1 storagenode/pieces: report used space per satellite to monkit
  • 5a6ee1b storagenode/blobstore: fix types of unix statfs call
  • f60620b storagenode: reported the used space reported by satellites
  • 1d84193 storagenode: add run-mode flag to version checker chore

So free-space/space-used numbers should be more accurate… and now we’ll see how-much-space-our-node-actually-uses vs. how-much-space-the-satellite-thinks-it-uses?

You should see both, but the used space on the right side would use what’s reported by OS, not guessing from the last scan… at least I think so…