Relocating node

So I’ll be moving into a new house soon and would like to know if there’s anything I need to do to my node setup (other than change the NO-IP settings) for the node to keep running smoothly and correctly?

How long can it be offline before it gets disqualified and I have to start all over?

You can remain offline for 12 days, then you are suspended because your online score drops below 60%. Not disqualified.


See here for details

As @Roberto says, you can remain offline for 12 days before you’re suspended. From you’re suspended, you have quite some time before you’re disqualified, from which point you’ll have to completely recreate your node.

If you are offline long enough to get suspended, you’ll not have any ingress data, and will only do repairs and checks until you’re no longer suspended. This takes the same time as you were offline to begin with.

why change? does your hardware/router/provider also change?
it will take the new ip itself. imho

I’m moving to a different address/house so I’m assuming the IPV4 for NOIP would have to be changed.

The whole idea of NO-IP or other dynDNS providers is that you set them up once and let your server handle to update those with your current IP. If you’re doing it manually there is no real benefit, it’s not really less work than updating the IP in the node configuration. (unless you have many nodes, but still)

Did you setup NO-IP to get updates from your server or modem (many ISP modems and most aftermarket modems have a dynDNS category that can handle changing the IP for different dynDNS providers)


My router from my ISP is locked down with no settings to change other than port forwarding and parental controls. I setup noip as per the storj node setup instructions.

So if I’m understanding correctly, I won’t have to change anything when I move to a new house?

Not quite right, It would take 30 days online to fully recover and each downtime will require another 30 days online to recover, see How is the online score calculated? - Storj Docs.

yes. But perhaps you would want to disable the updater for your No-IP domain in the previous router, otherwise it will switch you back :slight_smile:
In the new location it would be best to configure your router to update this domain automatically.

So my router doesn’t have noip configuration, just port forwarding. That’s what I used when setting up my node. Perhaps my new ISP (if different), will have such configuration or maybe it will be the same as now.

Then you would be forced to setup the No-IP client on your PC (it’s called DUC).
Just do not forget to remove the updater from your previous location.

The updater is installed on my RPI 4 that’s also running the node. Wouldn’t I just update the ipv4 on the noip setting on the website?

It should, if you have it. This need to be checked though on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
The IP there must match the WAN IP on your router.
It’s very possible that your new ISP has CGNAT

How much is 30 days though? Say the OS reboots, and the node is offline for 1 minute. Is that a complete reset of the 30 days? Or perhaps more realistic: Node updater restarts the node with a new version

every offline event in an 12h window starts with an 30 day expireing.
given it is long enough to get detectet via online check, so restart because autoupdate just slips through. reboot may get you some ~0.001% lower score.


Since the last downtime when it’s resolved (i.e. your node reported as ONLINE after OFFLINE).

So when a node gets suspended, is online for 27 days and then reboots due to OS update, it has to wait additional 30 days?

EDITED: disqualified → suspended

you mean suspended? otherwise the question makes no sense.

every offline event has to pass the 30 days waiting time to get recovered.


…it will be a termination state. The node cannot recover from the disqualification, this state is final. If it’s not disqualified on all satellites, you can still run it, the remained satellites will still pay for the service until they would disqualify it too.

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You’re absolutely right - suspended, not disqualified in this context.

to have 100% uptime on all dashboards, the node needs to be online for 30 days after exiting suspension.

I think my question is as follows:

After exiting suspension, and before the node has been online for 30 days - is the node penalized?