Rent cheap VSP to storj node

Hello, has anyone hired any VPS service to use with storj?
There are some very cheap (70 us / year)

Any experience or comment?

Why would you want to do that, given that they reduce bandwidth and increase latency?
Both are bad for your STORJ income.


In addition you can buy very cheap hardware and run a node yourself. With good ISP you’ll ROI in 6 months or less!

I wonder when we are gonna hear the first reports of people having their ISP cancel their service due to “commercial” use. I can’t speak for every region of the world, but in Germany this might still be a thing…


I wonder how easily recognizable the traffic of Storj is. If it could be made to be difficult to distinguish from torrents, that would be nice.


I find that highly unlikely, at least in Portugal. They have no way of saying it’s commercial or not.

I’d say it should be similar to ftp traffic.

Well, they could just consider more than 1000GB traffic per month as commercial.

We’ll see, I guess :wink:

1TB Traffic = Commercial?
Never heard :smiley: Im streaming sometimes Gameplay and my Girlfriend too. We reach the 1000GB after a few days in a Month. Than we load big games, updates and many more. View Streams all day and so on.
I think thats no problem whit the traffic :slight_smile:


Same :slight_smile: last month with Storj alone I had 8TB egress and ingress :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bytes In 6.96 TiB
Bytes Out 5.97 TiB

That’s not only storj


I think @twl raises a good point though.
I was wondering the same because even though my node might not use many TB a month so far, what could be unusual and/or suspicious is that it’s using the network non-stop 24/7.

Torrents do the same though. We’ll see and this is probably going to vary depending on the country and ISP.
But it’s a fair question I think.


You could upload and download your own data just for fun between different locations… As long as there’s nothing in your contract with your ISP, there’s nothing wrong with traffic all the time.

And I don’t remember my ISP having any terms for the usage in the contract.

In Germany it was pretty common along some ISPs to sell metered subscriptions, as in throttling after 300GB of traffic. That was some years ago tho, but I’d still just keep it in mind…

They can just dump you within 3 months according to your german ISP contract without providing any reasons.

Yeah I remember that… That’s why I am careful to choose unmetered ones.

Hmm this might be true… Have to check my contract again now lol

So am I, but they might draw a line between commercial and home use some day (although home users these days use more and more traffic compared to like 10 years ago without the likes of netflix) and we don’t know if that line will be at 100TB or 1TB :slight_smile:

I just read the AGB of “Vodafone Kabel” and I already failed one point:

4.1.8      den Zugang zum Internet nicht zum Betreiben eines Servers und/oder fĂĽr die dauerhafte  Vernetzung oder Verbindung von Standorten bzw. Telekommunikationsanlagen des Kunden  zu benutzen,

I can’t use my internet to host a server? :confused: But what does that even mean? Not even a privte server?
Also I can’t use my internet to connect 2 locations all the time? Why not… lol that’s my problem and I’m doing it.

4.1.12      die von Vodafone erbrachten Telekommunikationsleistungen (insbesondere Internetzugangs-leistungen) Dritten nicht entgeltlich oder gegen sonstige Vorteile zur VerfĂĽgung zu stellen oder weiterzugeben und, sofern der Kunde Privatkunde ist, diese Leistungen nicht zu gewerblichen Zwecken zu nutzen

Oh and no commercial use of my internet… well oops… Too bad.
However that would mean no storj, no mining, no twitch streaming or youtube uploading, etc

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That way Vodafone makes sure you can’t file a complaint against them for downtime or DS-lite issues (on their cable connections).

no twitch streaming or youtube uploading, etc

That is a really good point. I just wanted to raise awareness of this potential future issue for german SNOs, but the question itself seems bigger :slight_smile:

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I would ask then why do i need this ISP at all, i do not know what in German but here i can choose between 4-5 ISP, even can have them all at home at once, just pay money.
I just cant share some illigal files, but as all is encrypted, so no one know what is there.