Reporting Error - illegal tag 0 (wire type 0)

2020-10-25T15:27:04.789-0300    ERROR   orders  listing orders  {"error": "ordersfile: proto: pb.Order: illegal tag 0 (wire type 0)", "errorVerbose": "ordersfile: proto: pb.Order: illegal tag 0 (wire type 0)\n\*fileV0).ReadOne:113\n\*FileStore).ListUnsentBySatellite.func1:237\n\tpath/filepath.walk:360\n\tpath/filepath.walk:384\n\tpath/filepath.Walk:406\n\*FileStore).ListUnsentBySatellite:191\n\*Service).sendOrdersFromFileStore:393\n\*Service).SendOrders:187\n\*Service).Run.func1:134\n\*Cycle).Run:92\n\*Cycle).Start.func1:71\n\*Group).Go.func1:57"}

Report this error after reboot PC.
windows 10 up to date, storagenode version 1.15.3 windows gui

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@moby Can you please check since the solution was supposed to be available in v1.15.x

This error can probably still occur with any V0 file (the error mentions V0) - once all the V0 files are processed and the storage node begins processing V1 files, the error shouldn’t occur anymore because V1 uses checksums.

If I had to guess, what happened is that the storage node was in the middle of writing to a V0 file when it restarted to update, causing a corrupted file. The easy fix would be to remove the file causing the issue (not sure how easily accessible that information is right now). If absolutely necessary, all V0 files (files in unspent orders directory without the .v1 extension) can be removed.

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I should clarify that v1.15 didn’t actually fix the underlying issues with file corruption in V0 files. It added a new version which is resistant to these types of errors, so they might still be seen in the transition period.

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Ok… It turns out I was wrong. The same issue could still occur with V1 files. I have a patch to fix this issue with both V0 and V1 files - hoping to get it merged today. At the latest, it should be in v1.16.x.


With the release v1.16.1, we expected that this issue is fixed. The release was 100% rolled out and the corresponding docker images published yesterday.

Please if your node isn’t in that release, update it, and if it is and you’re seeing this error, report it again.

Thank you so much for your collaboration.