Running multiple nodes on windows 10

I think I’ll finish my chia mining soon and want to provide additional space to the storj network. As I read in some threads before, running multiple nodes via docker on Linux is possible. However I wanted to run 2 or 3 nodes on my Windows 10 machine where 1 node is already running perfectly. Is there a way to run multiple nodes on windows 10 without a virtual box, because I don’t want to trap the data in a vdi image. I saw that there is also docker available for Windows 10. Is it possible to run multiple storj nodes on windows 10 via docker? Thanks in advance.

Hey not sure if the advice I will be giving is allowed by TOS but here we go:

Docker in windows you can run it but no idea of the stability

Multiple nodes on single windows 10 I don’t think works. The only way I know of is VM`s but you your self said that you don’t want to use this.

so 1 VM`s or i suppose separate devices or get the docker up and runing

Multiple nodes on a PC is even encouraged in case the PC has multiple hard drives. So there’s no problem with compliance with ToS.

@Toyoo thanks I wasn’t sure so I just put out the note at the beginning as I run most of my nodes on separate PC`s in different location usually in raid pools. So I don’t have this issue

@Vadim has a Tool for running multiple nodes on same Windows machine

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How am I able to contact him? I hope it isn’t virtual box :smiley:

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You can use two ways:

How to configure ports you can see there: How to add an additional drive? - Node Operator

Yes it is, but Docker for Windows may cause tons of issues - please don’t do that and instead use @Vadim 's toolbox.

Run 1 node per HDD preferrably (or give Windows Storage Spaces a try - I do so and it works).

@Alexey unfortunately I don’t understand how to use this unofficial tool for several nodes. I also could not find a tutorial or something.

Sorry but cant help you with that.
In running Linux

Since it’s an unofficial tool, I don’t know if Alexey would be able to help you much, but Vadim and others have been very responsive. I suggest you post specifically where you get stuck in the toolbox topic and I’m sure someone will be able to help you out. Please also read through the topic as many questions may already have been answered.

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