Running two nodes

I’ve run one node for a month, and just started a second node. The second node is on my wifi, and seems a bit slower than the first, however things are working well from what I can see. Both nodes are behind the same public IP address. I’ve got a few questions:

  1. If I want to cancel / kill one of the two nodes, what’s the right way to do that?
  2. If one node goes offline, will it’s failing impact the other node?

I’ve searched around, however I can’t quite find answers to these.

Thank you for the help!

Graceful Exit is the proper way to “cancel” a node: here’s a link to the page for that

Then if a node goes offline, it would not impact the reputation or viability of the other node. They are independent of each other from that aspect.

Then as deathless states below, the ingress traffic that the two nodes are splitting 50/50 right now since they are behind the same IP, would all go towards the node that remains.

This is generally a rule of thumb do not run on wifi because wifi is slower then wired and its normal to be slower then the one connected directly.

There isnt a way to cancel the node the only way is though graceful exit and you need minimal 6months before you can even run it.

Since you run both nodes on the same IP they share the data so when one goes offline the other one will get the full amount of data. There for when both are running you will probably get better performance then just one node running since they kinda work together. But they do not impact each other rep that is different from each node.

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Thanks to both of you for the info. From the sounds of it, I can just kill my second node (delete the data) any time I want, and the only repercussion would be the loss of whatever holdback there is (really none at this point - it’s only been online 48 hours).