S3 Gateway Share URL not loading with React Native Fast image [Android]

Hi there,

I have an issue with my app where React Native Fast Image on Android does not load share urls for images generated from Storj properly. The library uses Glide under hood. I thought it was library specific, but I tried the React Native Image library which is implemented differently. I suspect there are some changes with how the Story’s s3 gateway processes requests from Android requests.

We have not changed any versions of our code in the last week related to this library and have pinned version of the library as well.

The images load intermittently, but mostly don’t work.

Hello @awcchungster,
I passed your question to the team.

Could you please check, that your code generates presigned URLs properly? Can you open such an URL?

I‘m not an expert on the gateway code, but I can say at least that the gateway does not treat Android requests specially. In addition to what @Alexey asked, what http error is returned when you try to load the image?

does phone use wifi to send data or it on 4g network. As i remember Gateway is only one in the world you can be very fare from it so timeouts can accrue.

This is an example URL on our side:

The image will not load on Chrome (Mac), Android (in our app), Safari (Mac). It will work on all iOS devices. The server returns no response.

After significant testing the last 24 hours, we are fairly confident this is a Storj side issue.

This happens on both wifi and 5G across multiple users.

I am on AT&T 5G in Los Angeles and I can not load the image I have on Storj from Android (Chrome). The connection speediest is 50mbps down, 30 up. I can’t imagine I am that far away from a gateway point.

For reference, from my iPhone also on 5G in LA in the exact same spot, I am able to load the image (Safari)

I see this image and it loaded very fast, i am in Estonia and i have good connection.

Vadim, your response is not helpful. Are you using a similar device/platform to our issue. Are you on Android? What browser?

I use android with crome, tested on phone. It loding very fast, and downloaded full picture also fast. 1-2 sec connection is wifi 5ghz, link is 500/500 mbit
model Galaxy A51, Android 12, chrome 106.0.5249.126

That’s wonderful to hear, Thank you. However, we have over 5 known devices with this issue in the United States.

Hey, I’m part of the team that’s experiencing these issues. It’s worth mentioning that the failure to load is intermittent. We don’t have specifics on when loading on Android starts working and when it stops, but I can say that within the last 72 hours (which is how long we’ve been noticing this issue), about 2/3 of the time Android refuses to load any storj images, while 1/3 of the time they all load without issue. Usually if I check back again 15 minutes after loading worked, it is no longer working.

The failure to load these images is a severe downgrade in our app’s usability. Please help us resolve this issue ASAP. If there’s something I can do to help identify the problem, let me know.

If it would be helpful to download our app and test for yourself so you can see this issue in action, here’s a link to our app’s entry in the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.realityplatforms.miner

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to be honest it hard to use app, camera all the time tals up or down, then try again. it not possible to use without stand for camera. Idea is interesting, no need to buy special camera for 500 dollars like hivemaper, is it posible to use in can when you drive? or is only for footers?
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Do you have any other server of this project where can get/share information about it?

We actually never see an error. The load just never completes.

And again, sometimes all the images do load very quickly without any issues. Other times, none of them do. It’s all or nothing.

Well… AAAA link.storjshare.io resolves to 2a10:c640:0:1::3 and 2a10:c640:0:1::4.

They’re both unreachable as there are no routes to these hosts.

I’ve tested from various ISPs in Europe & USA.

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Thanks flo. Would you mind explaining what that means for our intermittent ability to load images on Android?