S3 Region: Virtual Hosted-Style: invalid region not valid DNS

My use case is just creating a bucket to be used with Obsidian sync. I encountered an issue upon configuration that I was unable to find any relevant information or solutions on the internet.

This appears to be a bug with the Virtual Hosted-Style config that is the default S3 URL.

Using “us1.storj.io” as the region would result in the error detailed in the title. Nothing I modified or tried would resolve this error.

The only solution I found was to change the “S3 URL Style” from Virtual Hosted-Style to Path-Style and using the literal Amazon S3 endpoint for my region as detailed here

Hope this helps others facing the same issue, and also hope this apparent bug is resolved.

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The region doesn’t matter in the Storj network - it’s global by default, but you may strict it and slow down of course, by specifying an exact region and all your customers will use not the closest server to their location but this one hardcoded every time. So I would suggest to use a global endpoint instead.

The main difference from any other S3-compatible provider is to have an unique endpoint. Please, specify the endpoint to be https://gateway.storjsahre.io (or gateway.storjshare.io and port 443 if the S3 client want to have them in different fields/config options).

You should use the https://gateway.storjshare.io endpoint instead of Amazon’s one.


I understand, thanks. If that’s the case I think maybe something changed with the Obsidian plugin and it doesn’t have anything to do with Storj- my fault.

Probably should have posted this on the Obsidian forum instead, thanks again

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If you are using Obsidian and Remotely Save you will have to change the region from eu1.storj.io to eu1
if it is the us region, change from us.storj.io to us

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Thank you for the tip!
I also believe, that the region doesn’t matter here anyway, because If you use gateway.storjshare.io endpoint, it will be a global (your client will be directed to the closest instance to your location).

You encountered an issue configuring an S3 bucket for Obsidian sync, related to Virtual Hosted-Style configuration. The error message indicated an invalid region. To resolve it, you switched from Virtual Hosted-Style to Path-Style and used the literal Amazon S3 endpoint for your region. You hope this helps others facing the same problem and that the bug gets fixed.

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