Saltlake sat. down?

no transfers from saltlake in the las few hours

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That explains the low traffic also there. Same. Maybe a maintenance.

my post more of looking for info I’m not sure if its down is still reporting online, so its maybe an intervention for maintenance or update, but there had a micro-drop before (like a reboot).

Doesnt appear to be down seems testing is done.

Will be a shame if test upload is over. I stopped the upload for a day on a couple of nodes to be able to move them to bigger drives faster. Finished it now and look what happened!

Hope the test data gets deleted…


saltlake seems to be back again .

yep, I guess it was just taking a little nap. Back up at full speed, filling up my HDD

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really hopes he didn’t crash the entire storj network lol…
might have injected some jumboframes into the network, while trying to make stuff run more smooth… xD i doubt it, but the timing was pretty spot on…

@varga on that note i think deleted data will be in garbage for 168hour… or that’s how i understand what the config.yaml says, but i could be wrong… so even if it was deleted, then we are stuck with it in like a week.

I hope it gets downloaded. A lot :slight_smile:, just like the other “test” satellite is doing now.

Salt lake just disqualified my node. Is there any way to tell why?

There is only one reason - the node was online but doesn’t provided hash of requested pieces during audit, i.e. - your node lost (access to) data

Reading through the logs it appears to have failed to settle orders… This was a new node fortunately. Looks like it may have had some drive errors or something…

Search for failed audits instead.
The failed settle orders - it’s unable to submit them to be paid.

Yep, it failed audits and a ton of attempts… “GET_AUDIT”, “error”: “file does not exist”,

Back to the drawing board for that one…

This is not the case. Data deleted by customers is removed from the node right away. Garbage collection only applies to data that was deleted while your node was offline or didn’t respond successfully to the delete the first time. It only sweeps up what was left behind. It’s not how normal deletions work.

As for the satellite being offline. It wasn’t. At least not for more than a minute or so that could slip inbetween uptime checks.

No transfers doesn’t mean the satellite is offline. It just means there are no transfers.

didn’t say it was offline, just worried that i basically pressed the button on setting up for jumboframes, and it worked but didn’t ran like crap and acted all weird and then when i set it back 15 minutes later there was basically no activity… which was odd but thought it was just me.

but then i saw here that people talked about low or no data, which made me kinda ponder that if i send jumbo frames, then they may move through the network and maybe even get some storagenodes or other stuff try to use them…

could have been chance, but i just found it odd that it was like the first time in 14 day just as i an spamming jumbo frames into the network…

but it might have been chance, ofc if it wasn’t the i should be able to replicate it and if so then it would be an issue that needs to be taken up…

that’s just a puzzle to me then… because my TBh dropped by 20% without my dashboard remaining disk space dropping at all… ofc maybe it’s because the web dashboard doesn’t update it all the time then… suppose i should start to monitor my nodes data folder… see if its just the dashboard being weird.

The TBh value acts weird for me too, for example:

OK, maybe the customers deleted some data and then some other data was uploaded back, but it does not look like that from the traffic graph:

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Hey Pentium,

What program you use to plot those stats? Seems pretty cool!