Script for Audits stat by satellites

Alrighty, cool. Thanks again. Really appreciate your assistance on this one. Wish the forum had brave tipping, I’d tip you a few BAT for your help.

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i ran this command now where to see the output ? i don’t have docker logs pointed to a file.

Open a shell. Don’t close it.
Run the script, it could work a long time (depends on average speed of your system and how long is your logs).

Hi guys,

Is it normal for the shell to return to the command line after it says “Fetching satellite…etc”? Like, mine started going and then after a second it went back to command line.
Running Debian on an atom 4 core 1.8Ghz CPU somewhere in France (my home one in Australia seems to be too far from everyone to be of any use to the network lol)

With the latest update, most of the scripts do not work anymore and need to be updated, sounds like this one is one of them

Have you redirected the log to the file?
If so, then you should run the script with a full path to the log as an argument

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Can someone explain what this script actually does?

#n00b :wink:

Calculates successful and unsuccessful audits across storagenode log.

Today i have restarted my node for changing the storj-payout-address. Now the audits are reseted… My audits for the 4 satellites was round: 500, 50, 16, 400.

Now: 21, 6, 4, 24…

What is with the rest of successfully audits? Past restart i have the start from 0? 30 days online for nothing? Or is the cause the reset of the logs with the new start?

As I said, it’s taking an information from the logs of the storagenode, If you removed the container, all logs have been removed with it.
However, you can see the audits and ratio from the storagenode API:

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Thank you. I was a little bit scared because the reset… :wink: Now i have checked with the other method and have seen that my audits are over 100 for all satellites. :+1:

Now the test-traffic should increase?

Well, your share of the traffic has increased. But keep in mind traffic is not constant to begin with. The amount you’ll see will still fluctuate.


A post was split to a new topic: Instead of query the database directly is there a way to use the api to retrieve payout info?

and as the new version has changed the format of the JSON (but there is no documentation) I rewrote the satellite audit for powershell:

((curl | ConvertFrom-Json) | %{"$_"; ((curl$_).Content | ConvertFrom-Json).audit}

It’s already updated in the topic :slight_smile:

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In my case I had to add -UseBasicParsing flag to the curl request of the PowerShell script for it to work.

((curl -UseBasicParsing).Content | ConvertFrom-Json) | %{"$_"; ((curl$_ -UseBasicParsing).Content | ConvertFrom-Json).audit}
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After changing the node api, the script does not show the value :frowning:

Thank you for heads-up! I updated the first post.

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On windows GUI
I tried the powershell command but it just returns with every single satilite only having 1 audit pr satilite - why? what did i do wrong?

There is no more audits count in the storagenode API. The 1 is a ratio, it’s 100% on the dashboard. There’s almost no point to use this script anymore - all this info is available on the dashboard.

If you want to know the vetting status, you can use this script instead: Earnings calculator (Update 2021-04-15: v10.1.2 - Detailed payout information: Now includes comparison to actual payout, postponed payouts due to threshold and transaction links!)