Second(new) node offline

Hey guys

I know this has been asked a few times, and i read all other threads, but can’t figure out why my node shows offline.

I’m running 2 docker instances on a Linux server (CentOs), 2 drives… preparing to get my second ISP hooked up by early next week.

My identity folder contains 6 files: 3 ca files and 3 identity files. The grep BEGIN commands return 2 and 3.

I’ve changed the port to 28968 for the second node. My port forwarding is set up correctly ( and works fine. I’ve tried changing the port in the config.yaml file too, but my node still says offline. Docker runs with -p 28968:28967 and -e ADDRESS=“my-host:28968” (and ran it with IP:28968 too)

Docker restarted, no change.

Nodes have different IDs

I’ve enabled debug logging, but not much info in there either.

My other node works fine …

Here’s the startup log:

Here is a call to the dashboard API:

Anything i can enable to debug this?

Have you tried restarting docker? Is this running on Windows or Linux?

Edit: Ah its Linux

just restarted, no change. still offline, same startup log

Can you post your docker run command for both nodes and remove any personal info from it like wallet id, email?

I tried both with IP, same result. So i tried with a hostname … but nothing. My IP is fixed though, so it should not mater

Please show logs by docker logs --tail 20 storj

Check node id on both nodes. Is it different?

it’s only what i posted in the original post, nothing else. really no activity.

will do when i get back home

Are you running 2 nodes on the same OS? One with the public IP and one with a ddns, because you assigned them any IP address, not a single IP because if its 2 different network cards you need to tell which one to point it at. Because from what I see your using 1 network card from this config.

2 different node IDs

Currently, i am using 1 IP and 1 card. I am preparing, will get a new line at the end of week. I wanted to start the node and swap the IP on Friday.
I know i have to run the docker with a different -e ADDRESS and i read that i might have to do some other stuff in the server too, which is fine. If i can get the second one to work :slight_smile:

Then I would just match the ip for both to get them running for now. Instead of having it connect though a proxy or ddns Cause I see one starts with a 10 and one starts with another address, Why not just make them both using the same public IP address instead?

that’s how it was. and was not working, so i wanted to try ddns to rule that out

You Might have to go into the config file and manually change the server port from 7778 to 7779 there probably conflicting then restart your node.


2019-12-17T04:35:46.169Z INFO Public server started on [::]:28967
2019-12-17T04:35:46.169Z INFO Private server started on

Should i wait now or … should be instant? Cause it’s still OFFLINE

Its not instant
can you see the web dashboard though?

Oh yes, everything works, just the node is OFFLINE. But i can see the dashboard, query the API, etc

Do we have a running node?

if you are referring to a working node on the same host, yes. i do have another one that works flawlessly and gets good traffic