Second time I get my node with the storj service off

Hello, good afternoon.

I think that since you have installed version 1.11.1 (the two nodes I have are already updated to this version) I have had a problem with the storj service in one of my servers that I have installed Windows server 2016, there is only one node installed in this server.

It’s been working correctly for three months, but I’ve had the storj service turned off for two days. All I have to do is start the service again and everything will work correctly again.

The node is installed in HPE ML110 G9, Windows server 2016 2 x 256 SSD RAID 1, and the data is stored in a 8 x 10TB RAID 6.

Is it known if anyone has also reported this problem? Thank you!

Can you give more info, win gui or docker, logs? Not realy understand what problem, service not starting?

I simply enter to see the dashboard and find the node offline. Then I go to look at the storj and storj update services, and only the storj service is off, storj update is still on.


I made a copy of the log file. Can I upload it here?

check logs for the reason, there shold be errors. no need to upload.

Node offline, or service not run, this is different problems.
if service not run you wont get dashboard at all.

The node has been running smoothly all this time, but I’ve been getting it offline for two days now.

I have simply gone to the Windows services section afterwards, and it turns out that it is offline. I just hit start, and the service starts without any problem.

I have never had any other problem, only this.

then only log serch will help, serch for Error

Please, how do I proceed in order to see the error in the logs? At the moment I just restarted the server, let’s see if it doesn’t happen again.

I have found another friend in the group of Telegram STORJ Spain that also happens to him. He has the node installed on a Windows server 2019 also with version 1.11.1, and he has also been stopped by STORJ.

There are already two of us with the same problem.

need to search error, why it stoped, there is no other way to know what is wrong.
I have 25 nodes and all work fine.

But the log has a lot of abysmal files and it is impossible for me to find anything there.

in windows there is only 1 file in program files, if you arhived logs by my tool then will be more files.

Ctrl-F in text file work fine. search unrecoverable error. my english can have error also

This is the only error I have during this month, because every month I do a log deletion to not accumulate huge amounts of data.

2020-09-03T14:08:35.559+0200 FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “debug: http: Server closed”, “errorVerbose”: “debug: http: Server closed\n\*Server).Run.func2:108\n\*Group).Go.func1:57”}

is it within this 2 days that it gone offline?

Please, check logs of the storagenode-updater too (in the Powershell):

cat -tail 10 "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode-updater.log"

Hello, good morning. Well, tonight the knot has been turned off at 1:28 as the logs indicate. This is the third time that the node has been shut down unexpectedly. I have never had any problem with any version that has been installed, but in this version this has come up.

That’s interesting. Please, search in the OS system logs why the service has been stopped.
I do not see any errors in your storagenode’s logs.
Could you please post a text in the next time instead of screenshots? To have a nice formatting, you can put three backticks ``` before the first line and after the last line of the text. It will show the text like this:

example of code

Please, open the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml" file with a Notepad++ (please, do not use a regular Notepad) and replace the info log level to debug in the line

log.level: info

to be like

log.level: debug

Save the config and restart the storagenode either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode

If it would stop again, we will have a more information in the log

Well, the yaml file is already modified as you required. In the events of Windows server applications I have not found anything strange, or I have not been looking properly. How much log do you want to incorporate?


@Alexey As you see on first picture, there is 0 bytes this month, something with DBs?
Or something with HDD, lost connection.