September 7, 2022: Ethereum Layer 1, zkSync, and Polygon payouts for the month of August are now complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of August are complete.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 2,913 unique wallet addresses. As before, there is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $2 $3 (!) or more.

For zkSync payments, we paid 1,485 unique wallet addresses. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus (and will again next month)! Thanks for participating in the future of Ethereum scaling with us!

For Polygon payments, we paid 55 unique wallet addresses. As mentioned last month, Polygon is not really taking off here, and we’re starting to discuss whether or not Polygon support continues into some of our planned roadmap. We are reading the feedback on posts like this, so if you didn’t share your opinion last month and you have a strong reason for why we should keep Polygon despite the low numbers here, please let us know here. And, if you’re interested in learning how to enable this, please see the announcement post .

Across all layers, we paid 4,425 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ .

The policies put in place regarding bonuses for nodes operated in Ukraine are still in place.


No, unfortunately not me :frowning:

Oops, you are right. I typoed my summary email. The cutoff was $3. Sorry about that!


I use the polygon payments and they work perfekt. I guess the less usage is based on the dead coin on poly. I mean at the moment you cant do anything with it and the risk of never be able to use it at all is quiet high as the discussion showes.