Set up more nodes with the same token

I have successfully set up one node with the emailed token without any issue, but got an error message when authorizing 2nd node, just wonder if I am allowed to reuse the same token to create&sign 2nd or more nodes?

You will need a new token for each different node.

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In addition it is usually not a good idea to run more than one node. You would be sharing the bandwidth and you will not receive more data than a single node. The only good reason to start a second node is when your first node is full and you want to add another HDD. Otherwise you’ll just be slowing down the vetting process and splitting system resources across nodes, which will make them both perform worse.

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I mean I have different locations for 2nd/3rd nodes

The one-time authorization token can be used one time.
To the next server you need to have a new identity and since we are in the alpha - the new authorization token.
To receive a new authorization token you need to subscribe to the waitlist with a different email address

Is this rule still actual?
According to Dylan’s aswer in different dopic there is not more a problem now:

The rule with a single auth token per email address was needed in the early days. In the meantime we have improved our system to handle multiple node on the same ip. Feel free to use the second auth token, or even request more!

Link to original message: Can you get multiple auth tokens on the same email?

So I am a confused a bit here:

  1. do I still need a new authorization token every time when I create a new identity?
  2. do I need a new email address every time when I request new authorization token?
  3. is it nessesary to request every new authorization token via opting-in to the waitlist, filling the storage node operator’s request form?
  1. You need a different authorization token for each identity
  2. You need a different email address to subscribe to the waitlist to receive a new authorization token. I’m not aware is the deduplication function disabled or not. So, better to worry than sorry.
  3. It’s still necessary to fill the form, there is no other way to receive an authorization token.
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