Shall I reformat to exFAT?

I’ve got a node setup with 4TB of space but starting to get some issues with io time. I think I’ve sorted it but read that it would be best to have the storage as exFAT rather than ntfs?

Since it seems you are running a RPi node (by the categories chosen), you might get better performance with ext4 rather than exfat

Yeah that’s right, forgot that bit!

Might be silly question but how would you change the format without losing the data? Node has been up since start of December and now getting some decent traffic as vetting for 2 satellites is complete so don’t want to go back to the start

It really can’t be done on the same drive. If you have a spare drive, you could copy the data over to the spare drive… and -if the current drive is still the target one for the node- copy back after formatting in ext4…