Should all SNO's run a GE on stefan b. satellite?

Should all SNO’s run a GE on stefan b. satellite to receive the held amount?

What makes you think you need to do that ?


If it shuts down, you get your held back amount without having to do GE at all. If it doesn’t shut down you get to make money on it until it does. What’s the upside of exiting it?


I wouldn’t say that you should, but I decided to do it anyway, for several reasons.

  1. I lost one of my nodes because of a hardware failure and became afraid of losing another, since I had a quite large held amount.
  2. Almost no traffic was generated from that satellite.
  3. Storj have announced that it should be shut down but I did not see any clear answers on when it would happen.

Right, so as good reason to exit as for any other satellite.

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Sasha, no you shouldn’t.
When we shutdown stefan benten satellite - we will pay all held amounts to all operators.


For now we don’t know when it happens, but information that I have - not early than end of next month, so you shouldn’t make GE from satellite, unless you have a technical reason (hardware failure) to do it


Also, please pay attention to graceful exit has some risks.

Good GE guide - Graceful Exit Guide
If for some reasons you still want to make GE - please read it.


After last week garbage collection, data managed by this satellite seem to be residual.
I prefer to get held amount back home and see how STORJ value increases (in my wallet) :slight_smile:


Yes, this is the reason why I started this thread because it would be good to get confirmation on when this will happen, so that we don’t need to GE for that satellite early since there is no traffic and people just want to receive their withheld amount, which for me is no small sum.

If you could get confirmation @Andrii, that would be much appreciated.

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There was discussion that this satellite would be deprecated with salt lake. We now have Salt lake up however the stefan b satellite is still up, so the question really is “When” is this going to happen. If it’s not for another 3 or 4 months then people can decide to GE on that satellite now to get their withheld amount of Storj back rather than wait 4 months with no activity.

Hopefully that explains the “why” for you.

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All older nodes have considerable amounts of held back so it is a valid consideration to GE before hardware may break. Especially since the held amount could in some cases already buy a new drive (at least a small used one).
Part of the reason why I did GE a few month back on 2 of my nodes.

I bit the bullet and completed GE for stefan b satellite.

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when is it supposed to receive the held back amount? will it be included in June payment?.
imho it should be sent when the GE process is completed successfully since this held amount was already included in a previous payment and also it would easier to verify this transaction and include it in taxes reports to be sent to the authorities.

It’ll be included in the payment for the month in which the process finishes. Since your node makes money until the moment GE is done that payout needs to happen either way, so it’s included with that one.