Simple way to monitor multiple nodes on a single web page

Hello, I know that this topic has been seen in other posts, but the solutions I see are very complex. Could you tell me what simple solution there is to be able to monitor several nodes on a single web page? I mean something simple to install and configure, if it exists.
Thank you

Multinode dashboard works just fine.

Or if you want to just monitor health — Kuma.


What do you find difficult in using multinode dashboard ?

Could you tell me where that software is? multinode dashboard??


Thank you, but I don’t handle all this well, the link you sent has some executables from 2021. Are they the latest?
If there is another more modern version, you can send me the link.
Thank you

There is nothing new to add to the MND. Its the basic setup that gets the job done which is to monitor multiple nodes in 1 place. You should try it first then decide if it fits your needs or not.

okay I understand. Unfortunately the instructions are very poor, and there is no documentation on how to install it.
That’s what I meant by something simple.


Well, there is nothing easier. If you want to give it a try, if you have questions we can assist you in getting it setup.


We’ll see how it goes, thanks! :sweat_smile:

  1. should I have a dedicated server for this software? or can it run on the same server where I have a node?

  2. I have to download 2 files Release v1.34.3 · storj/storj · GitHub and Releases · storj/storj · GitHub download/v1.34.3/ to install it on a linux?

  3. after I have the files I unzip the file and then run this

identity create multinode --difficulty 1
multinode setup
multinode run

That’s for now, I hope you can help me. Thank you

If you dont like this dashboard theres a better one then this and it can be accessed anywhere.


I think you want to download a latest version of the software.
It can be installed everywhere - on the same server or your laptop, it connecting nodes using their communication port and external address.
By the way, not all routers allow to use a Hairpin NAT, when you able to contact the own external address, in this case you may use an internal IP of the host instead of the external address.

is this safe? free of viruses or bad intentions?